View Full Version : VOCALOID Cosplayers around NH area

08-19-2010, 08:15 PM
Hi, I'm Shay. (Ohay!)

I'm a photographer and I found this great location in Merrimack, NH that I'd really be interested in getting some Vocaloid cosplayers to. It's darker, because it's a river/brook (Baboosic Brook) down a small hill from a huge wooden playground, but I think with how bright and interesting the Vocaloid cosplays are, they would stand out amazingly.

It's a bit last minute, but I'd be ideally looking to do it this weekend, as next weekend I'll be in Philly for a concert, all weekend. Or even sometime during the week, provided it's a nice enough day out, as I'll need all the sunlight I can get through the trees.

There ARE some pictures I would like to shoot -in- the water, which is clean and only ankle deep, so that's the only forewarning I can give on that, because I -would- like some pictures with the characters interacting with the water. If you're a resident of lower NH or MA and don't feel comfortable driving unknown areas, I'd be willing to lead you there, or if you don't have a vehicle and can get to Manchester, NH, I can take you to the location, as well as drop you back off at the local bus station.

I'm not looking to get paid for these pictures, merely looking to update my photography portfolio. You will also get rights to using these pictures, as well, and will be getting the full sized images back, without watermarks.

I'm sorry I'm not familiar with costume era terms for Vocaloid, but I'm especially interested in the costumes with the butterflies on the headphones, but I am not limited to only that. Any Vocaloid costume is welcome. :]

08-19-2010, 08:25 PM
Oooh if only it wasn't this weekend xD my wig hasn't arrived yet </3~
I got excited, because Merrimack is very close to where I am. good luck with the shoot!

08-19-2010, 08:29 PM
Well like I said, I'm willing to go for the week, as well. :] So long as it isn't Friday, haha.

If it comes in during that time span and you're interested, let me know! Or maybe even the week after, if no one's available to do it this weekend. ^-^ It's just a photoshoot that's been stuck in my head and I'm dying to get pictures of.