View Full Version : Possible Photoshoot in Calgary, AB for 2011?

08-20-2010, 04:59 PM
I'm in the process of making a Malon (Ocarina of Time) cosplay for next Otafest (Usually around May Long Weekend). I was thinking today, that any cosplayers I've seen only ever do summery shots of her. Well, I live in Calgary, and we have tons of ranches and stables around the city - I would love to do a winter shoot of my costume. I even plan on getting a light brown riding cloak to match my boots! It has to be bought, because I do ot want to freeze in Calgary's rediculas winter weather.

I just lack the money for everything right now, so hence why, in 2011, I'll be done getting everything organized, bought, built, etc. Though, because Calgary doesn't seem like the place where a lot of the "descent" photographers hang out, I thought I'd post here. Let me know your thoughts!

PS - My grandad has a brown horse with a black mane - it looks a lot like the normal horses running around Lon Lon Ranch. I could try to convince him to use the stable where he keeps his horse!