View Full Version : Need help with the chair prop for Stein

08-20-2010, 09:32 PM
Hi all. I'm new here, starting work on my first cosplay. I'm attempting to make a Fanken Stein costume for Otakon next year. I am working on the screw now, with a little help from a tutorial I found on here, and decided that I want to make the chair. I want to make this costume as accurate as physically possible, so I'm being really strict about the details. I'm just having 2 problems. First of all I can't find a chair that has 4 wheels (all the ones I've seen online have 5). If anybody can give me a link for a cheap 4 wheel computer chair or stool that would be a big help. My other issue is with the back part that connects the back rest to the bottom of the chair, which is basically a straight chain. I've been thinking of how I can possibly make it. The obvious solution which is what I would like to do is get a low gauge chain and weld it together, but with Otakon's polices concerning metal I'm unsure if that would be allowed, although it would be one straight piece made as part of a chair so if anybody can clarify this for me please do. I then thought of using a plastic chain with a strong adhesive, but I don't think that would hold up even if I'm really careful with it (the weight of the back rest alone might be too much. Does anybody have any ideas for what would make this work?

I've posted a reference pic for those that don't know what it looks like