View Full Version : Universal Studios Cosplaying

08-22-2010, 11:17 PM
OK, me and my friends plan on going to Universal Studios in ToraDora cosplay because of two reasons:
1. Just for laughs.
2. Our Taiga and Ryuji are well...dating. So since they'd be lovey-dovey in the theme park, we want to take advantage of it and make it a "ToraDora goes to a theme park" kind of thing.

We plan to do it on Halloween and we're gonna wear the uniform costume.

I saw the Halloween Horror Nights site and read that they don't allow costumes.
But I was thinking if they would overlook it since its basically a regular school outfit.
The only thing that's noticeably a costume part of the outfit are the wigs we'll be using.
(Ami Kawashima has blue hair, but srsly, I see ppl with red and purple hair at Universal, do you think they'd mind?)

I have read the whole Disneyland thread but I still wanna make sure.
We don't mind getting the odd stares and the mean comments, we just don't wanna risk going there in costume and get turned away.