View Full Version : Costume Repair Station camps out in Maid Cafe

Hazel Chaz
08-24-2010, 07:05 PM
We're going legit this year!

Anime Los Angeles is pleased to provide Costume Repair Station support at Anime Vegas yet again, and this time we're an official part of the convention. We'll have a table in a corner of the Maid Cafe (it's the only place they could fit us) so seek us out for your random cosplay emergencies!

We'll have safety pins, needle and thread, glue, markers, and of course duct tape. If all goes as planned, GingaDreamer will have her sewing machine there to help with the slightly more complicated repairs.

The full Costume Repair kit from Anime Los Angeles will be there, so we're hoping we can handle just about any kind of quick repair.

Look for us in the Maid Cafe, during the day.

[Oh look, I already posted about us coming back. The new news, though, is we've got it confirmed that we're in the Maid Cafe...]

EDIT: We're not going to be in the Maid Cafe.

Hazel Chaz
08-31-2010, 02:48 PM
Program Book lists Maid Cafe as Athena Room -- but it turns out we'll be in the Dealers Room after all.