View Full Version : Eruka Frog's Dress?

08-25-2010, 08:23 PM
My good friend is going to cosplay as Eruka. She has the hat, can easily get the wig, shirt, and leggings, but the problem is....her DRESS.
Once we have a base dress, the spots are no problem at all, but I've looked and looked, and can't seem to find a decent dress! Ah, here's another thing. My friend is a totally useless sewer and very lazy (-_-), so finding a pattern is unfortunatly out of the question.
So if you feel like it and/or have the time, please help me find a decent base dress we could use! Thanks so much in advance!
(by the way, this is not really urgent at all. The next con we have planned is in FEBRURARY, so there's no rush at all ^.^)

10-19-2010, 02:37 AM
I hope I'm not too late. o3o;;

I recently cosplayed as Eruka Frog at Anime Banzai. You can see a couple pictures on my profile.

What I did, is I went onto Ebay and did a bit of searching for a decent dress. Then I simply glued the dots on. Yes, it was lazy of me, but it worked, and I'll eventually finish properly sewing them on. I unfortunately didn't have a hat, as a friend who'd promised to make it for me, didn't come through. Anyway, as I was saying, you might have to do a little searching over the next few months on Ebay for a perfect dress. I know I was simply lucky that I found mine.

Then there was the matter of getting a hoop skirt for that bell effect. xD That was a disaster, as I found out through pictures that it was lopsided from the get go. It wouldn't sit on my hips, and so would slide down one and look funny. So if you get a dress, make sure that it will have enough room/give to be able to wear such a thing unless you aren't worried about that.

And now I feel as if I've given too much information. C: Happy hunting.