View Full Version : black spiderman/new venom costume

08-27-2010, 12:08 PM
Ok so I had this really great idea about using one of those black morphsuits for the costume! the design for the spider in front and back should be easy to sew in with some strechy or semi strechy material but my problem comes with the eyes... you can see through the morphsuit just fine but I m afraid adding another layer of whatever other material would just make me blind lol any ideas?

I also wanted to make some decent looking web as a prop for my costume or whatever but i just dont know how to go about it and i would want it to be fairly solid as i d like to hang on it ^^

finaly if you have better ideas about how to make this costume I would love to hear about them!

thank you in advance!

09-02-2010, 01:55 AM
Unfortunately I didn't have the time or the knowledge of a morph suit when I did it. However, I had bought a pair of black dance tights, and black under armor long sleeve. I cut out the spider design of my old black suit shirt and fabric glued it to the shirt. I kinda cheated and bought the mask and gloves. I was short on time lol. If I have the time, I might just try and do a full body suit the next time I want to do this costume. Hope this helps!