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08-27-2010, 12:23 PM
I'm apologizing in advance if there were reference pictures posted on the main thread- I did try to skim most it, but it's rather long. >.>

So I'd like to attempt to cosplay Zagi, but have a few questions for the more experienced cosplayers or perhaps even people who've done him in the past.

*Because the black parts of his outfit seem rather tight-fitting, I was contemplating one of those lycra/spandex body suits to work off of. Yes? No? I've always had fairly normal to loose fitting cosplays, so I have no experience with these what so ever.

*As much as I'd love to go wild with the dye, the University I attend might frown upon tri-colored hair. (XD) This being said, I'm at a total loss on the wig. I've heard of buying one in the lightest shade you need and then dying the rest, and I've also head of combining wigs and sections of hair to get a desired effect. What advice would you ladies and gents have?

The rest of the outfit, though painstaking, seems pretty straight forward, though if anyone has fabric suggestions I'd appreciate it! Also, I'm currently just trying to take as many HQ screenshots as possible, but if someone could link me to art I would probably worship the ground they walked on.

And ah, if all of these questions have already been answered somewhere else, I apologize profusely and would ask only for a link!


08-27-2010, 03:29 PM
No worries, most people seem to ignore villains in the main thread, especially obscure ones like Zagi, so I don't believe there were references to him at all, which is sad because his hair is quite fabulous.

TBH, I highly doubt you can achieve that much with wig dye on a single lighter wig - plus you'd have to worry about separating colors/color transfer, blah blah blah. Were it my project, I'd buy the redish/burgundy/pinkish base wig and add his other colored chunks in. You could buy packs of extensions in the blonde and black very easily, dye them if necessary to get the best color, then make wefts to add into the main wig. Packs of extensions generally run $3-4. There are a bevy of tutorials on creating wefts from packs of extensions and dyeing wig fibers which I can link if you're interested.

Fabric choices:
Most other Zagi cosplayers on CURE use a lycra bodysuit as well. Buying one is quite easy, making one is easy as well so it's your choice. Cosmode had some tutorials on making your own bodysuits and there are scans floating around the internet but generally you would probably get a knit fabric with some lycra content. Fit need not be as specific as the fabric will conform to your body.

For the rest of the costume, a lot of people have used vinyl. Vinyl however does not breathe at all so dependent upon where you live/where you're wearing this, you may want to choose fabric according to the weather - also choose a fabric you feel comfortable working with. Vinyl could be a bad choice if per se, your machine cannot stitch through it. A sturdy fabric like twill or any other "suiting" fabric would work well here also. The belts I'd say definitely should be made from something "leathery" such as vinyl, pleather, etc but not obnoxiously shiny. If you opt for vinyl for the main pieces of the costume, you may wish to make a mockup from muslin first as anything you do to vinyl becomes permanent e.g. stitches can certainly be ripped but the needle holes remain.

Ref pics:
Aside from turning on your XBox and using that for references, I haven't not come across many usable official references aside from the Hi-ougi. Not that anyone has it 100% right, but when dealing with obscure characters who also have minimal official art, a CURE account is pretty handy. I was able to find some Japanese et al cosplayers who made Yeager costumes - I was the first one on this side of the pond to make his costume so I couldn't look at anyone else's stuff over here. I looked at what they did and used for materials and referenced some of their costumes while blending my own ideas. Fanart can be somewhat helpful to blend with your own ideas too, but sadly it is often difficult to find anything detailed enough to reference and official so you do have to be flexible.

Hope this helps a bit.

08-28-2010, 06:38 PM
A friend of mine was planning to cosplay Zagi, so I took a boatload of screencaps off of Youtube for her. I can only upload five at a time though, so give a yell if you need more.

Which version of him are you doing? He seems to be have different stuff every time he shows up, since Yuri keeps hacking pieces off.

I'm seconding Ion on the twill, but another thing to check out is trigger poplin. It's kind of like a smooth canvas-y stuff, and it comes in lots of different colours. JoAnns always seems to carry it, but I haven't had much luck finding it elsewhere.

Best place to get belts and straps is a thriftstore.

08-31-2010, 11:10 PM
You both are so awesome!

@Ion: I would definitely be interested in that tutorial! I'll be honest though- I've never styled a wig in my life and have commissioning as a close and very real second option. Haha. If I decide it's not worth possibly destroying at least 50 dollars worth of fake hair, do you take wig orders as well as cosplay? *is infamous for taking the easy way out >.>*

On the topic of it, CURE has been giving me such issues! No matter how many times I've tried to register in the past (and I used to try fairly frequently) their e-mail never seems to show up in my inbox or junk mail. This has prevented me from being able to see anything more than thumbnails. @.@
Any idea what that might be about?
Also, I'll definitely look up those tutorials! Buying a decent quality bodysuit looks easy but expensive. Haha.
*takes notes on fabric advice*

@Garen: Gah! Those are fantastic! Thank you so much. The file names gave me a good laugh too. :) My plan was to go with his first form, I suppose you could call it. Shame on Yuri- I liked him in one piece!
*takes additional fabric notes*
'Will do! I'm not far away from a massive JoAnns, so that should work out just fine!

Thanks again to you both. I have to say I was a little nervous when all of the replies to single-character threads seemed to be "just go to the main thread~". This has been so helpful!

08-31-2010, 11:54 PM
Actually I can just link said tutorials here. It took all of 3 seconds.

No sew wefts: http://www.katiebair.com/wigtutorial_makingwefts.html
You just follow that tutorial and hand-stitch in your wefts to the wig mesh hidden between other wefts. It's an easy way to add volume, length, and/or different chunks of color.

Wig dyeing tutorial guide: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=207169

And the rest of the stuff about CURE etc. I will answer in a PM :3