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08-31-2010, 10:28 PM
Late yes... but I'm curious...

So... what were your favourite cosplays, events, experiences, whatever from the con?

Here's mine as an example:

Fave Cosplay: That would be a tie between the really tall Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII), my boyfriend's Lancer (Fate/stay night), and a friend of mine as Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia). Oh, and Dokuro-chan (Lexandra's portrayal :)), and Princess Peach (Nailosyanodel as she is on here and dA)

Fave Event: Masquerade. I participated in it, loved it despite my terror.

Fave Experience: Making fangirls happy :) I cosplayed Nougami Neuro on the Sunday, and I had a lot of rabid fangirls. My first Neuro fans were right after I got to the con, right out of the Metro! Who knew a little-known character like Neuro would have such rabid fans? xD Would have been better if I'd had my Godai xD

Another Experience: Finally met a friend who I'd been trying to meet in person since Anime North 2009. FAILED. Until Saturday of the con xD

Yet Another Experience: Met Quinton Flynn twice. Second and third times I've met him (first was at Anime North 2008). And he told me and Tsukune that our Anti-Riku and AntiSora cosplays were awesome 8D And he gave me a big hug on the Sunday when I saw him again and I told him I was the Anti-Riku. Oh man was I happy.

Fave Purchase: Commission of Nougami Neuro. Gotta support the artists.

Fave Pictures I Took: A shot of my friend as Zelos and he's posing pretending to be a "slutty secretary." I love the shot because every time I look at it I burst out laughing. The other shot is one I took of my boyfriend as Lancer on the Friday. So perfectly like the character for that picture X3

Yeah... that's about it. Share yours :)

09-01-2010, 11:16 AM
The onigiri and takoyaki made me so happy. LOL

09-01-2010, 12:26 PM
Fav cosplay: Didn't really notice anything that made me go crazy, but then again I'm the kind of person who wouldn't notice a bunch of Gundam cosplayers unless I bump into them, so XD

Fav event: As usual, the cosplay chess. Otherwise, Droo's 'photoshoot' place, the place where you were almost sure to see someone you know (or where you could relax a bit anyway, thanks again Richie! ^^), and Alex and company photoshoot place which was next to it.

Fav experience: Seeing most people I wanted to see after almost a year of not seeing them, THAT was the best part of the weekend ^^ Even if I missed a couple of friends, but still!

Another experience: Getting hurt on my first day, before arriving at the convention, because like every crazy-minded cosplayer, I avoided falling on my cosplay and took all the impact of falling with my elbow XD Mtl streets are dangerous for someone as clumsy as I ^^;
That and easy to get lost in when it comes to the underground, Maria and Alucard lost on their way back from Eaton Center to the convention is kinda priceless when you think about it, even if it wasn't at the time, lol.

Another Another experience: Having a kid been crazy over Masamune, and asking me random questions like 'Do you die?' 'Do you die for reaaalll?' and so on was a bit...weird for me, considering I don't necessary like kids all that much, but cute nevertheless I guess, lol. I didn't expect to get kids attention while cosplaying Sephiroth seriously, and the people stopping by to take pictures while the kid's dad was doing so was pretty funny...Sephiroth with a kid holding masamune, kinda weird, but still XD

Fav purchase: Unless you count the Bubble Tea, lol, I'd say my cute keychains of Cecil and WoL made by Diane (Udon-chan) at the Artist Corner ^^

Fav picture: The random ones of friends, because THAT'S the ones we shall always remember ^_~

And that's about it!
(Go copying what titles you wrote Roxas-chan, uh I mean MDA XD)

09-03-2010, 03:38 PM
Fave Cosplay(s): Big Daddy (with working drill!) and Little Sister, Jake Sully, Celty Sturlson, Arkham Asylum Scarecrow, Master Chief, Male Blair, Hellhound!Alucard, Ladd Russo, KoopaT's Zero. :3

[B]Fave Event (s): Fullmetal Alchemist Q & A panel on Saturday. (Poor Aaron Dismuke... LOL), and my private Baccano! photoshoot with Kimmy, Hamayo Ayumi and some other firiends on Sunday.

Fave Experience: Getting to watch "Fullmetal Fantasy" on Saturday at Vic Mignogna's Q & A panel. SERIOUSLY. IT WAS THAT AWESOME.

Another Experience: Finally meeting KoopaT in person all 3 days at the con after chatting online for less than half a year. I just spotted him on Friday in his Viral outfit in the Dealer's Room, and finally got to chat it up for a little with Irredecent-Fall (DA account name). Also, meeting Glay and co. both Friday in their Hetalia cosplays and Beyblade cosplays on Saturday! :3

Fave Purchase (s): Baccano! Complete Series box set and Ouran High School Host Club Complete Series (happily found at the Garage Sale for $40).

Fave Pictures I Took: Getting the Celty cosplayer to punch a Shinra cosplayer. XD

Fallen Sephiros
09-03-2010, 08:59 PM
Fave Cosplay: The actually MALE Zelos from Tales of Symphonia. I was happy to see that. I'm talking about the one with glasses and had a bit of facial hair. Seriously, he suits the character.

Fave Event: Masquerade. I applaud everyone who participated. And Gabby... be more careful of how you pose. You made Luna whistle xD And I was happy to see your boyfriend's Lancer cosplay. HURRAH!

Fave Experience: Meeting Lillyxandra. Too bad I couldn't have met her the day she was wearing the fairy costume. Instead I met her while wearing my Faerie Archer, with my fiancée as the Faerie princess. She was so nice and gave us lovely compliments.

Another Experience: Our group for Friday went over well. I don't know if I'll wear Maid Lancer very often... but boy... I'd like to know how people thought I was a girl...

Fave Purchase: Saber Lily Nendroid. I wanted a Lancer one, but apparently they do not exist.

Fave Pictures I Took: I have to say, my favourite shot was the one I got of you and your boyfriend as Rider and Lancer. You couldn't see me 'cause your blindfold was up. And Dave didn't really know I was there xD You two were just so awesome. I needed my own photo.

- Sorry Gabby, I couldn't resist copy/pasting. You had good titles :)