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09-01-2010, 10:23 PM
Hi guys,

This year for Halloween I want to be Selene from Underworld. Apparently finding the costume as an entire outfit is out of the question, and finding the pieces to put together is proving to be quite difficult. {Unless I'm just not looking hard enough.}

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice or point me in the right direction for the pieces to the costume. Unfortunately I am on a tight budget and have little background in assembling costumes, so I can't really make anything from scratch.
I have the boots, and found a wig that will do, but I'm having a hard time finding the corset, and body suit {and/or seperate longsleeve shirt/pants}. I have decided to forego the coat, since it's not exactly a central piece, and I might not want to wear it anyway.

Oh, and as far as vampire teeth...Last year I tried those fangs {since the whole mouthpieces are uncomfortable} but couldn't figure out how to fit them properly. What can I do to produce better results this time around?

Thanks in advance for any help! I'm getting desperate, and don't want to do something ordinary for Halloween.

09-08-2010, 02:15 PM
I did Selene last year and for FanExpo 2010 you can check out my cosplay page to see how I got all my pieces. Just a warning I spent a lot of money on this Cosplay, but it was well worth it :) Feel free to message me for more details! I'll be happy to help you.

09-14-2010, 04:58 PM
Thanks! I looked over your information on how you put the costume together, and I have a general idea now of what to do.
My sister in law ended up having a corset that is similar to Selene's, so that did save me a bit. I couldn't find the eBay seller you had to make the items, but I did find one with free shipping for the catsuit. Since this is my first time ever buying/using an outfit like this, the sizing chart is throwing me off, so hopefully it all works out. :o

I do still need help on a good set of vampire teeth. The ones I bought last year {which I just now realized I had failed to mention in my post} are scarecrow, and they did not mold to my teeth.

09-24-2010, 12:01 PM
Have you tried another pair of the ones from Vamp Fangs? I've heard good things about them and plan to get a pair myself someday soon. Unless that's who you bought from and they didn't mold?

09-24-2010, 12:51 PM
No I haven't tried that brand, I'll have to check them out. The brand I tried was Scarecrow which reviewers seem to like, but I couldn't get the molding to stick to my teeth. I ended up buying some generic brand from Party City, but I will check out the brand you mentioned.

Side note: I completely forgot about a law that passed a few years back for NY, prohibiting the sale of toy guns that aren't neon colored. However, I found a sword and boot knife that I can use.