View Full Version : Anime Sniper Meirin's boots.

09-02-2010, 06:22 PM
So, I'm doing this cosplay, but I have no idea what to do about those freakish thigh high boots. I'm clueless. Any suggestions?

09-03-2010, 09:27 AM
I was pretty sure they were just knee high boots with stockings, but I could be getting confused with the manga version. Either way, thigh-high boots sometimes waver into fashion so they're not hard to find on ebay or a google search without getting into scary fetish territory, then it's just a case for looking for the style you need.

09-03-2010, 05:36 PM
I looked again, and I think you're right on the stockings...I'll just go with that, seeing as I don't want to pay any more for all of my boots .____.