View Full Version : Booo I'mma Ghoo-oo-oost

09-03-2010, 01:58 AM
What's up guys? I'm gonna be workin' on a SC2 Ghost cosplay for... well I don't know, funsies I guess? I'm on the westernmost island of Hawaii, so getting to cons is a bit of a pain, but I've got waaaaaay lots of freetime out here. My plan is to put together some ghost armor, I plan to make molds so I can (possibly) sell parts in the future.

I took some SC2 screenshots today, you can check them out on my Photobucket.
Here! (http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s27/LadyLooLauren/)

Anyway my current material list is:
Green Floral Foam (horrible, dusty, and clings to EVERYTHING)
DAS Modelling claly (Okay quality, hard to apply to foam)
Hot Glue

WIP 1: About 3 hours into it >_>

WIP 2: About 5.5 hours done.

Questionable I know, I'm not happy with the results at all, plus I need to vaccum everything. I just used the blue foamies to help me visualize where EL wire would go, I'm thinking acrylic tube inserted over so it diffuses the light. But that's getting way ahead of myself. Shaping first, logistics after.

Crits are welcome, I know there's not much to look at, but they're appreciated. Any advice you have is also much appreciated. My plan tomorrow is to return the extra foam and clay, then pick up my old favorite- Foam board.

I also saw these giant bags of something called celluclay. It's instant paper mache, and from reading around on the site it's not too terrible. Anyone have any experience with it?