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Kaze Saffire
09-04-2010, 10:37 PM
It's just as the title says. I would however, after meeting "The Family" at Otakon, do a Reborn cosplay of my own someday. I have been long searching for volume 1 to get started, but no place has it ( even Otakon dealers didnt have it. What hope do I have now? ) I am a very low budget Otaku, and as such, I would like to know who the easiest character would be to cosplay. Any suggestions so I can research him? If it helps, I have a gray, an orange, and a red wig. My collection will probably expand more during my next 2 cons financially permitting of course. I'd prefer somebody that's within the main cast, but I'll take any and all suggestions at first if the costume is simple to make.

09-04-2010, 10:51 PM
has information about the characters and the series.

all that i can think of is Naito Longchamp (short red hair) and Gokudera Hayato (short grey/silver/white hair, depending how you want to look at it), but just go through the wikia and see what you can dig up. P: i haven't followed the series since around mid-year last year so i'm kind of rusty.

good luck~

09-05-2010, 02:43 PM
Agreeing with SYN
there's Gokudera, Naito, Enma and maybe Shoichi? with the wig colors you listed

Shoichi (pretty difficult, but very maincast), Enma (also difficult, but very very very popular) and Naito (he's pretty easy but ehhh I'm not even sure, he like dropped off at the beginning of the series D; ) are all red
Gokudera is Silver (he's easy AND one of the main 3 characters ;C)

but then again you're welcome to fumble around the wikia and see what you find
if you want to read it online, try places like mangareader ^^

Shoichi Irie (http://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire3/b2a136a33909b7acc275783f47e6d2491238944576_full.jp g)|Naito Longchamp (http://media.photobucket.com/image/Naito%20Longchamp/Rokang/longchamp.jpg)|Enma Kozato (http://media.photobucket.com/image/enma%20kozato/xxwalker/Anime/Katekyo%20Hitman%20Reborn/EnmaK.jpg?o=1)|Gokudera Hayato (http://www.cosplayhouse.com/images/D/Katekyo_Hitman_Reborn_Hayato_Gokudera_wig_ver_01-3-04.jpg)

Note: that Gokudera has hundreds of outfits D; mostly because he's one of the main characters, thus he's there for the ENTIRE series...

09-08-2010, 06:32 PM
Definitely check out the wiki, and see if the early episodes are on Crunchyroll to watch if you can't get your hands on the manga. You want to cosplay characters you like or you won't enjoy it. A lot of characters in Reborn are very polarizing; you either love them or hate them (for instance, I love Shouichi and despise Enma). Don't cosplay someone you might hate. There's no joy in that.

Reborn is one of those series where a lot of characters wear street clothes or black suits, so it's very easy to closet cosplay. That should help.

For redheads, there is Enma, Longchamp, and Shouichi. You can also use orange for Shouichi, depending on how orange your wig is and how you want to portray him.

For silver hair, there's Gokudera and young Squalo. If your silver wig is very short, you might also be able to cosplay Ryohei.