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09-12-2010, 03:41 PM
Hello, I've got just a few questions, but quite a lot of details. ^^; Sorry it's so extremely long.
First of all, I'm contemplating on making either his 'Smile' version that appears in the manga's circus arc, or the short version of his Robin gown.
Smile: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3628/3567310711_e4e4aec941_o.gif
Gown: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=ciel+short+dress#/d2kmdyl
The reason why I'm still on a debate with which one I'd like to make is because each of them has its own ups and downs, you know? I like both of them equally, and I think they're fantastically designed. But I just don't know.

The issues I get with his circus attire, is basically the striped shirt, sock, and his white boots. I've been to nearly every fabric store and I cannot find that fabric. o-o; I've also searched for an already-made striped shirt- even online- and I have found none. ><" His boots, I'd really rather not spend a fortune on them, since they'll be worn, like, three or four times. Trust me, all the Goodwills within my area have been thoroughly searched. xD Ohh, and that odd ruffle thing going on around his neck. xD How exactly would I attempt that? xD On a plus side, this costume isn't as common as his ball gown, at least I don't think so. And I've read around the site and noticed how people are getting a little tired of it. ^^;

As for the Robin gown, I chose the shorter version because (a) the longer version looks heavy (b) I hate the heat (c) I actually already own shoes exactly like that (d) the short versions is, at least, a little less common than the longer one, and (e) Less fabric equals less monies. >.< Because I am very limited on my funds. >w<" Now, the issues that I've come to are: that the ruffles are going to be pain, I haven't decided on what I'll do for the hat, making petticoats has always been somewhat difficult for me, and I'm thinking I'll need two or three for this, and the wig. Which branches me off to the next portion of my... problems. :D

I know there's been questions regarding wig color to use for Ciel's hair since like, the dawn of time... Or more like Kuroshitsuji cosplay... Anyway, I don't like wearing wigs. >< They feel funny, I'm always worried about how messed up they might look, considering I can't feel it on my head myself, and TBH, I am a sweater and wigs seem to enhance the sweat glands on my head. xD Thus far, all of my cosplays have been of black-haired characters. So I was thinking of just not using a wig. And I know what you're all thinking, "OMGOMG, I hate that. D; She's like, toats' killing the cosplay if she doesn't have the right haaaaair!! OMG, don't do it! Drop all plans! Trash all your supplies! Hit the deck! D;" I really, really don't want to kill the character, guys. I love Ciel. ;.; But I never really saw Ciel as having gray hair. It's always been blueish-black, if not just black, to me. Considering anime standards on coloring, my mind has locked in that color as just plain black hair. I have black hair, and I'm actually willing to dye in a blue tinge to avoid being way off and making people hate me for it. ><; My issues here, though, are length. My hair grows extremely slowly. ._. Right now, it's a little above my chest. It's also quite thin/fine, so I was thinking about pulling it in a lower ponytail, tucking it into my shirt at the back or something, to give the appearance of short hair. It's worked very effectively before, for my Xion costume- you couldn't even tell my hair was longer, with all the layers cut in there. But my hair is nowhere near long enough for the Robin gown costume, and definitely won't be that long in time for the cons I plan to go to, which adds another dilemma.

So here are my questions:
Considering all of this, which costume should I get to work on? The circus one or the short Robin gown?
Depending on your answer, how exactly could I correct or improve on the issues at hand for either?
Any help would be absolutely appreciated, thanks. ^^

tl;dr- Lol, I need help. owo"

10-28-2010, 07:53 PM
Well, myself, I'm going to make the Smile version, because I bought the Robin gown.
I see what you mean by the issues.
The Robin dress, though, I do believe would be more expensive.
If you went with Smile, you could just buy a white button down shirt and use fabric paint for the stripes (My cheapo plan)
Of course, the Robin dress may be more fun, and its surely more known than Smile.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me if you need, from one Ciel to another~