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09-15-2010, 11:53 PM
So, I'm about to Embark on my Next big Venture - Skull Kid from the Legend of zelda Majoras mask (Photo Reference - http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-02/art/zmm-skullkid.jpg )

I'm planning on getting a Zentai suit and painting on the wood texture, but as for fabrics I'm not so sure what type of fabric I would buy to be able to get that kind of texture or look.

Also for the Hat and gloves as well as the shoes, I was thinking of inserting some craft foam so it will stay up and keep it's shape. For the shoes though I need some more guidance on the construction of them. And Yes, I am already planning on buying a hat for the base of Skull kids hat c:

Also any links to applying LED lights (I'm planning on using them under the Mask, so Majora's Mask eyes Glow like they do in the game, and to light the fairy up) would be awesome

To keep the Fairy looking as if it's flying next to me, should I just use wire? Is there anything else I should do?

Fidelius Riffe
09-23-2010, 01:07 AM
Hm. I would assume that a Zentai suit underneath his clothes would end up being too hot, so gloves and leggings might be a better idea.

His shirt always seemed like a big baggy T-shirt to me. Then the yellow on his hands and neck would probably be done well with craft foam painted to look more rustic. Not too sure about the pants.

I think Threadbanger has a video on how to apply LED lights to fabric- that might help you. Have you ever seen an LED light? It's a half-oval with two wires coming out of the end. Basically you need conductive wire or thread (conductive thread is sooo cool) and a battery. Just attach one LED wire to the positive charge of a battery, and the other wire to the negative end, and bam! LED light. Conductive wire and glue. Maybe insulated wire so you don't shock your face! :3

For Tael, you could hang a piece of fishing line out of the brim of your hat, if it goes out far enough. Then he can just bobble over your shoulder/arm instead of being off of your head. Depending on how far the brim of your hat goes.

Shoes. Try maybe some flat sneakers that are comfy, or even just use a shoe sole, and make a wire/foam tip that curls up. Then wrap it in fabric? His shoes kind of look like burlap bags on his feet. Since he's an almost-scarecrow, that might be appropriate. The buckle on his shoes looks like it goes under his heel though, so maybe shoes with a tiny heel would be better as a base so that the strap could go under your food.

Woosh. That's about all the input I've got! Haha. Hope this helps.