View Full Version : Looking for Photographer - 11/27/2010 - Chicago TARDIS - Westin in Lombard, IL

09-16-2010, 10:00 AM
Looking for a photographer who'd be interested in doing some shots of mine and a friend's Dalek and TARDIS costumes. They're going to be dress interpretations and a bit avant garde (and if all goes well, sort of on the crazy side). They are going to be a set; we'll have lots of elements in common with one another... Sort of the Doctor's Best/Friend worst enemy, dealie. One thing that might be problematic is that we do have a bit of a height difference.
I'd like to find a photographer so that I can get some good, quality shots of these since they are literally all made from scratch and our first time doing so.... Plus we're pretty sure they're going to look awesome. :D

I know it's on the weekend after Thanksgiving and I can understand if alot of you are busy wih family things, just figured I'd put an ad out and see who repsonds.

I can pay a commission, but I honestly don't have a lot of experience with photography pricing. If you're interested please PM me and discuss details.


10-08-2010, 06:11 PM
Hey! Sadly I won't be able to do this shoot for you because of the date, but I live in Chicago and would love to work with more Chicago area cosplayers! So maybe for another project we could work together! My cosplay photo rates are pretty cheap these days too. Anyways! You can check out my work at: www.MaCherieArielle.com and feel free to pm me! =)