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09-16-2010, 04:12 PM
Think full face like motorcycle helmet.. and combine it with PRotoss face from SC1/2. THATS what im trying to achieve. So does anyone have any suggestions on this: i.e. materials, way to keep it on.. I was thinking wonderflex (i still have half a big sheet from my trip to the warehouse last year). But theirs no garuntees with that stuff for a face mask/helmet. I was also thinking like goalie mask way to keep it attached but then it needs to be the general shape of my face but a little longer. Ugh my brain is in a jumble. Any suggestions would be nice.

PS. I have worked with resin as well but i dont see how I could cast a single piece w/o buying more casting material. I did plaster of paris mask for my witchdoctor costume but i only did the top half of my face. Would that work you think for a full face mask? how would I do that to make my chin look longer? Blah


09-16-2010, 05:10 PM
I don't see why wonderflex or a resin cast wouldn't work. Wonderflex is probably your best option due to how much time is left, but otherwise I'd suggest making a latex mask or making a mold and filling it with hot glue sticks.

Make a mold of your own head to make an accurate head armature or "mannequin" to sculpt on (fiberglass and UltraCal30 is involved here, just a warning). Sculpt the headpiece/mask out of clay; include any details that you don't want to just paint on instead. Then you'll make a cast of the sculpture in a similar fashion that you made the mold of your head. More UltraCal30 is involved if that part of your sculpt isn't very detailed, otherwise you'll cast it in Liquid Latex or something similar, then more fiberglass is used for support. Once it dries, you have your mold; use latex here or glue sticks. Break it out of the casting, then paint!

Here are a couple of tutorials that go in to way more detail for this method-
http://www.tatterhood.com/blue-girl-page-1: Latex mold
http://www.bioweapons.com/HOW_TO.htm: Glue stick mold

Whatever you end up doing, but especially with the molding/casting method, you'll probably do a half-mask for the top part of your head to wear underneath the full-face mask. (And of course make sure you can breathe properly. :P)

But again, that's the more time consuming and much more expensive route but the one I suggest if you're up to it. I can't really comment on any wonderflex or resin methods.

10-05-2010, 01:21 PM
as a motorcycle rider you will get VERY hot wearing the helmet on all day by itself...much less adding more materials to it

10-05-2010, 03:56 PM
A Helmet would be hot, but at this point theres not much time left to create a full sculpture / make the mold / pour the mask / Test / Redo / Paint / all the other steps involved.

I would lean strongly on the wonderflex idea... but a full face motorcycle helmet would be thick in the chin. You may want to lean more to the Half shell for a suppot structure and use wonderflex to create the base and then if there is time you can use textured latex to create the skin on top of the support. http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-42105617604172_2125_12294412

This is a texturing sheet used for cake decorating. One side is raised, the other has the depressions. Coating the depressed side with latex will give you a sheet of "skin".

Best of luck. What ever your decide to go with, dont second guess yourself. Just take it and run becouse going back will eat your timeline.