View Full Version : Yoko Ritona time skip boots

Kawaii Pocky
09-23-2010, 06:12 PM

These are the boots I bought for time skip Yoko's boots. Now...embarrassingly they don't fit. The shoe part fits like a glove. And I figured it'd be no problem since the boots aren't zipped up all the way, but the zippers are on the inside of the leg instead of the outside. But I was thinking of making a slit on the outside of the boots and cutting the notches into it like she has on her boots, and then painting the red stripe and flames on the boots since I figured that would loosen the boots so I could wear them.

Any way, they zip up to my knees, I have muscular legs so that's kind of the problem.

Well, I didn't search for a tutorial since I figured they wouldn't cover this particular kind of situation and I wanted some advice. Cause I paid 45 dollars for these boots and I don't really feel like buying another pair that may not fit my legs either.

Any kind of advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks.