View Full Version : To all my Haruhi in Wonderland cosplayers...

Kaze Saffire
09-23-2010, 07:44 PM
I would like to do one of the Hitachin brothers ( does it really matter which one? ) next summer. But I am having trouble finding a sweater with the particular colored pattern to it?My other option was to just wear this black and blue sweater I had and try to pass it off, but I don't think that would work so much. What did any of you do? Sew? Paint? Please let me know if you have done either of the brothers in this costume. I have about a year to prepare the costume, so there's no rush. I may even come to find the sweater at some point, perhaps even in the store that I work in. But the sooner the better, to help ease my worrying.

09-26-2010, 12:36 PM
You can try searching this and other sites for Cheshire Cat twins cosplays, which I'm sure you'll find, and see if they wrote how they did it or PM them and ask. I haven't done this cosplay and I'm actually planning a school uniform twin cosplay, but I did consider the wonderland version. I'm quite sure you'll have to make it yourself--either buy a solid colored top and paint the stripes on or buy two colored fabrics and sew it all together. Finding something already patterned like that isn't gonna be easy. Good luck though!