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09-25-2010, 02:35 AM
Name of Product: Got2b glued Spiking Glue

Where Purchased: Wal-Mart

Product Description:The ultimate spiker! It's for hair that ain't goin' nowhere. Push through hair to put it in place. Twist tips into stand-up straight spikes or haphazardly distribute all over for that unstructured messy look! Delivers hold so strong - (it's wind-tunnel tested) your style will last until your next shampoo. And of course it's water-resistant. (from back of bottle)


Pros: STRONG hold, long lasting, doesn't discolor, little goes a long way, great on synthetic hair, dries clear, inexpensive, dries quickly

Cons: Sticky hands, smells a little, wet hair only for real hair, hard to wash out, dries too quick

Overall Rating: 8

Detailed Review:

I've had this product for a while but just now finally used it so here's a review.

Like most Got2b products, the bottle is yellow and eye catching, and again it was at walmart so it was a bit cheaper than other brands. This was also on sale at the time so bonus for me!

The product is white, kinda like glue. Feels like it too. It smells a little, but it has a sweeter undertone than the other got2b products.

I first used it on my own hair since I recently cut it boyishly short. The small spikes I made were very nice and held their shape for most of the day, but that was when I applied it to wet hair. When my hair was dry and I tried to style it with this product, it didn't turn out too well. It was a nasty tangled sticky mess after 3 seconds, so that's a problem if you don't have the time to wet your hair down or if you don't wanna risk getting your clothes wet.

A problem with my real hair is that when my hair is wet, the product clings and dries ultra-fast. I barely had time to style it before my hair was hard like a rock.

Just now I used it on a wig a friend cut for me, this wig is to be my new Zexion wig (will attach pictures later so you can see befores and afters). The 'glue' takes to synthetic hair VERY well. Just a little bit rubbed between my fingers and soon I managed to separate a small lock of the wig and make a nice spiked bang. Soon the wig was taking shape and was looking how I envisioned it. I wish I had this last year!

The 'glue' dried on clear and didn't discolor the wig at all, most it did was make it shinier. Not a single strand is coming undone once it was all dried, no matter how much I mess with a section. It dried in less than a minute, that's a bonus for me since I've had bad luck when my wigs are even slightly damp.

My only major complaint is something to be expected of this product. It made my hands so sticky that the bottle got stuck to my hand at one point and I couldn't even touch the wig head for fear of random strands of hair getting stuck as well. I don't know how many times I had to get up and wash my hands. Another complaint is when I needed to wash it out of my actual hair, it was very hard. I had to use a bit more shampoo and scrub to get it out, though I was careful. I've read reviews that this product could cause hair loss if you don't let your styled hair soak in warm water before scrubbing (just stand under the shower head for a few minutes).

Over all, awesome product for wig styling! Not so much for real hair (but that's just my bad luck with it) and I recommend it for almost any wig that has a spikey look to it. Just remember to have soap and water handy for your fingers.

09-30-2010, 06:41 PM
the reason it doesn't work on dry hair is because it's not supposed to.

it even says in the directions for you to apply to wet or dampened hair, not dry...because it wont adhere well to dry hair.

The only thing it can be used for on dry hair is teasing with your hands :3

10-12-2010, 01:06 PM
I have used this product off and on for a couple of different costumes... what I dislike is that when I get my hair PERFECT, it usually doesn't last very long and will lose it's hold after an hour or so. But if overdo it to compensate for the eventual hold loss, it results in hair being sticky, wet looking and clumpy. Still though, it's really one of the best out there, so what you gonna do? ^_^

10-12-2010, 09:36 PM
I have always used Got2B Spiking Glue for hairstyling purposes. I agree with you on the annoying stickiness of the hands afterwards, but other than that, this product is my holy grail. Along with the Blasting Freeze Spray, it kept my Hiei spikes up all day. ^^ And call me weird, but I actually like the smell. xD