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09-26-2010, 10:52 AM
Hey there everyone!

Wondering if this is a terrible idea. (Don't know if I'll do it even if it's not)
I'm going be in Tokyo on Halloween this year with my dad. I know more recently they've gotten into a halloween frenzy over there, sans all religious influence or whatever. So I had considered cosplaying while I was there, only on Halloween day of course. But I don't think I'd be trick or treating, and I'm probably not going to be in Harajuku or Akiba that day, so it's probably not a good idea, right?
I definitely don't want being in cosplay to hinder my ability to partake in all of the cultural experiences I can shove into the three and a half days before I fly to Korea.
So, cosplay. Good idea or dumb idea?

Thanks for your help~

Also I have a list of things I have to do and eat before I leave.
If you can think of anything that I could throw on there lemme know!
(Food list is already bigger than things to do lmao.)
That goes for Korea and Hong Kong as well, I have a bit less research done on those two places ;P

09-26-2010, 01:34 PM
i don't think it's a bad idea at all :) it's halloween afterall so i'm pretty sure other people will be dressed up regardless of where you are

09-26-2010, 01:55 PM
I was in Tokyo last halloween....I vaguely recall events being held, like parties, I think a big 'trick-or-treat' type gathering in Roppongi, and a zombie gathering type thing...which I think was all foreigners, and there were cops all around major train stations because they were worried about that group getting too rowdy. :/

However, I don't remember actually SEEING anyone in Halloween costumes--other than people advertising for parties (except for my butlers in the butler cafe I went to...they were all dressed as vampires, hnnngh. But that doesn't really count I guess, lol)

I never even saw the zombies--just the cops on high alert in Ikebukuro station, lol.

I don't know, my memory might be off, but I think people just stick to wearing costumes at events on Halloween over there--not just wandering around in a costume for the sake of it.

09-27-2010, 06:56 AM
Cosplay in public in Japan, especially with no connection to an established event, is considered bad behavior... even by fellow cosplayers :( It will get you frowned at, laughed at and may ocaisionally even reflect poorly on other foreigners and cosplayers by proxy.

On the up-side, Halloween is gaining acceptance and there are quite a lot semi-public events that you can join in over the weekend. They'll be more than happy to welcome you to the fold, costume and all. Just be sure you have a place (and a reason) to wear it.

If you're old enough, virtually every club in the city is throwing a Halloween Party. Some are very anime/manga friendly and all should welcome costumed guests (some even at a discount).

Tokyo also has an annual costume-parade, Tokyo Disney is hosting a costume-event in the park (Disney costumes only), and there are bound to be no less than a dozen general cosplay events going on in the Tokyo metro area.

Just keep in mind that for nearly all, you will be expected to pay a participation fee and change into costume after arriving at the event and back out before returning home.