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09-28-2010, 08:38 PM
Heeeeyyy :) *long post ahead*

So I was thinking of doing a Len Kagamine cosplay (I am a girl). I reeeaaalllyyy love imitation black and fleeting moon flower so I was thinking of creating a cosplay that combines the two outfits. I am totally broke (my budget is about $70 AUS max (my money), including the wig. My parents will pay for things like make-up and ribbon, base clothes, and perhaps some fabric), I have until November to finish it, and I have almost no sewing skills (I can do full circle and pleated skirts, zippers, stuff like that. I can't make tops. At all.). I can alter other clothes pretty well (and mash together clothes and stuff like that).

I will probably make some really cool hair accessory with lots of black ribbons....and wear uber tall lace up boots....and have black lipstick and a blindfold.....and wear fingerless elbow high gloves.......and really gothed up and visual kei'd.......but those are my only ideas! I was thinking a really simple base outfit (I don't mind if it is a dress or a skirt....in fact I would quite like to be crossplaying as a crossdresser ;)] with heaps of ribbons and little fiddly bits made of ribbon and stuff. I would like perhaps something that is all black with little bits of yellow or something??

If anyone has any ideas on a really cool (but cheap) outfit I could put together for this, it would be much appreciated!

here is the PV:

here are some references:



lol excuse my extensive use of brackets :)