View Full Version : Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne- Demifiend costume

Li Xingxian
10-04-2010, 10:36 AM
This is my first attempted cosplay, though I'm not sure how much I'll have to spend after some hilarious events in Boston that, among other things, involved a blown tire (which alone set me back 200$). I was hoping to get my hand held I mean, hear any suggestion anyone might have to offer.

So here's the appearance, for those who don't know it:

The bodypaint, the most distinctive part, seems simple. A friend recommended one of Kryolan aquacolor makeup, Ben Nye Cake Theatrical makeup and liquid latex. I'll PROBABLY go with the cheapest for budget concerns, though I'll do a bit more research to see if I can find any horror/success stories about any of the three brands.

And then there's the pants. Another friend said something about capris or khakis, severed short. Anyone have any ideas where one could find something to sew on those two studs/buttons/dots/whatever they are, in case I can't find pants that already have those?

Shoes I'm trying to find a budget solution for. Maybe something involving old shoes and a lot of paint?

As for the haircut, I'm not sure how to best go about it. So far I haven't found a friend who's confident they can style my hair like that, but neither have I really looked. Also, I thought of going to a barber, but I'm not sure whether I'd be better off giving manual instructions (I don't even really know how the style is achieved) or waving pictures of the demifiend saying MAKE MY HAIR LOOK LIKE THIIIIIIS. I'm not sure if that's a normal haircut with gel in it, or a specific cut so that those points stand out.

The contact lenses are the ones most in danger of being cut for budget concerns, mainly because this month I'm not sure I could justify the optometrist meeting to check what contacts I'd get (I don't wear contacts or glasses, but even colored lenses require measurements... right? Is there a way to get the measurements without forking over a lot (100+) dollars?

Thanks so much for any input. This will be my first attempt at cosplay and this is my first post on these forums (the intro post aside). Hope I haven't breached any protocol!