View Full Version : Igiko (Fem!England) 'Closet' Cosplay Ideas

10-05-2010, 02:27 AM
So, like the complete idiot I am, I have all the materials for making Igiko's uniform, the shoes, the wig, the sam browne, and I haven't left myself time to make the damn thing before Halloween (I have three weeks and Ciel's ball gown is barely started!)

Does anyone have any ideas for what a quick, at least semi-recognisable costume for fem!England could be? I've got a couple of weeks so I can get things off ebay and I've got about six different charity shops to trawl for items to be reappropriated... but I'm at a loss.

I don't really want to do 'casual' because I've never seen one I liked, and if I wear my usual casual clothes with the blond wig I look like a psycho time travelling Misa Misa. I also thought steampunk, but I go all out for my steampunk and I'm not sure I have the time and energy to be putting together a corset and intricately detailed accessories. Also, my pith helmet won't fit over the pigtails :toothy:

Any ideas? What are some common but INTERESTING England cosplays I could do on a budget? (And a time limit...)

10-30-2010, 12:31 AM
The popular thing seems to be a plain white button-up blouse, a green sweater-vest, a red tie, and a skirt (it varies from picture to picture, a miniskirt there, a pencil there).
That, glasses (preferably thick-rimmed), and eyebrows. It's just not Iggy without them!
Sorry about this being so late.
(Finally, a use for my endless fan-art surfing!)