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10-06-2010, 08:46 PM
I know, Link is done to DEATH. :P
However, that will not stop me.
Here are the resources I have gathered. Anyone feeling helpful as to provide feedback would be loved and showered with cookies.

I'm doing Red, yes.

Aradani Legend of Zelda ears (http://www.aradanicostumes.com/legend_elf_ears)
Aradani Large Elf ears (http://www.aradanicostumes.com/elf_ears/large_elf_ear)

I cannot decide, my wallet likes the latter better, obviously, but...I don't know if they will suffice.

Gold layered wig (http://shop.cosplay.com/ccs32-gold-short-layered-wig.html)
Light blonde Airily wig (http://shop.cosplay.com/wolf-base-light-yellow.html)
It's between these two, for me. I'll take suggestions as well. Again, there is a price difference, it may depend on which of the ears I opt for. However there is also a color difference (The gold is more Toon-y, but the blonde is more natural).

Tunic & Shirt
I believe cotton fabrics are the general consensus for Link's tunic. I thought about trying to find some kind of heavy cotton for the tunic and a soft fabric for the shirt? Correct me if I'm mistaken in some fashion, sewing is a new science to me.

I plan on thrifting around for a belt, however the buckle stumps me.
I found a thread on this site via Google that instructed the use of polymer clay. Is this a common solution?

Shoe Covers
I'm a bit stumped on these as well. How do you make these exactly? :x

Links to a generic sword tutorial would be greatly awesome. The kind of sword I desire is shown in my above reference picture.
Generic shield tutorial link maybe, or a base wooden shield I could paint? Or other general tips and pointers.

Darth Sunshine
10-06-2010, 11:38 PM
Wheeeeee Red Link!

Ears- I'd go with the Large anime ears since they look more like the "Toon" character ears. I've been considering ordering some for my FS Zelda since they're more accurate than the ones I wear.

Wig- Those both look like they'd be good choices to start with. Never worked with either brand though.

Tunic & Shirt - I'd recommend a knit fabric for the undershirt since it needs to stretch over your head. You could probably thrift a long sleeved red T-Shirt pretty easy or dye a white one. The tunic could be a stretch fabric as well, but its not as important for this to be a stretch. A heavier cotton or linen would be a good choice.

Belt - Most people I know have used polymer clay. To get it to stay, one of my friends attached industrial strength velcro to the back of it and the belt.

Shoe Covers- Never tackled these myself, but a couple of my friends used Sarcasm-Hime's tutorial (http://sarcasm-hime.net/bootcovers-tutorial.html) I think it was, with success.

Sword & Shield - I've never had the need to make many, so props aren't really my forte, nor do I have very many tutorials saved, but I can direct you to this tutorial for the shield (http://www.trsrockin.com/link.html#shield).