View Full Version : Kris (Pokemon Crystal) hair...

TR Rose
10-07-2010, 10:21 AM
Repost from the wig board, maybe someone here has attempted a style like this and can offer some advice?



It looks like two low ponytails that point downward, and then point up and defy gravity.

I purchased an Ivy from Cosworx and some wefted extensions to use (mainly because I liked the Light Blue color and that was all that was left). I planned to put the Ivy into two low ponytails in the back, but then I don't know how to make them stand up like hers do. I'm sure some kind of wire or foam structure is needed, but I don't know how to work it into the wig so it won't fall down.

I was thinking to maybe run a few lines of wire along the front, middle, and back of the wig (sewn down) and have those pieces come out the bottom ponytails, and then make the ponytails themselves out of styrofoam covered with extensions (and affix that to the wires). Probably chop most of the length off the wig and use the hair for the styrofoam pieces.

I'm not worried about a back part because she wears that hat that covers everything except the bangs and ponytails.

Any feedback, opinions, etc? :)