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10-15-2010, 08:15 PM
I thought it would be interesting to have a discussion thread for all of us expats living abroad here in the land of the rising sun. What do you like about japan and what do you not like? Anyone who has visited japan is also welcome to comment.

Speaking from personal experience what I like about Japan, customer service here at even the simplest of stores is always top notch, I am never left waiting and if I am they always give me a good reason, if I cant find something in the store someone will always help me if I ask and generally everyone is well mannered, polite and always says please and thank you. I noticed a big contrast when I went to Yokota airbase last week to do some food shopping at the commissary. There, no one smiled, i felt rushed through the register like they just wanted to get rid of me, the way they talked was was unprofessional (seriously some of the employees were cussing while they talked to each other in front of myself and other people in line). I began to wonder if it was always like this in america and did I just not see it when I was living there because that was the standard? Anyway, I love how polite Japanese people are! I also love the train system here in Tokyo, everything is so effecient and easy to use. Back in seattle (my hometown) you were lucky to find a bus running anywhere but here trains run every few minutes and they go everywhere across Japan!

Now for what I don`t like, I really miss the variety of foods that were available to me back in the USA (mexican, chinese, filippino, italian) if you look hard enough you can find those things here but they are always over priced and dont taste good at all...Except italian which is hard to screw up lol. I miss some american beauty products (like acne medicine) but alot of the stuff is illegal here due to japans strict chemical laws so no accutane, retinade or benzoyl peroxide here...you know Im not even sure is salicylic acid is in any of the so called `acne products here`....

So what are your likes and dislikes about japan?

heck why dont we take it a step further, what have you found that is just plain out weird as well?

What I find weird: Nato, yeah the fermented smelly soybean go-ey-ness. It smells like dirty socks, it looks like something that died and rotted 3 months ago in you fridge and yet....it tastes so damn good! It tastes good on sushi, it tastes good in ramen, it tastes good over a bowl of rice, it even tastes good in a milkshake, yes they make nato milkshakes. WTF?!

10-17-2010, 07:08 AM

-Public transportation
-Cosplay Dance parties
-Cosplayer's Archive (cosp.jp)
-arcades/UFO catchers
-handheld game/book/comic culture
-Variety of local restaurants and shops
-resistance to Walmart culture
-relatively high quality of goods
-the exchange rate :3
-Japanese people


-Japanese drivers (and people trying to kill me on my bike)
-Ineffectual police/pansy-ass justice system
-Acceptance of xenophobia as "natural", mild/benevolent but ever-present racism
-Toilet slippers
-lack of central heating
-apparent inability to set air conditioners and/or heaters in public spaces to anything but the most extreme settings
-women constantly in heels, hooker-boots, booty shorts, and short skirts (especially in winter)
-suspenders being used for anything but to suspend things >.<
-Japanese people

-Japanese affection for poop jokes
-cosplay-wig to after-event-wig
-Japanese people

10-17-2010, 08:15 AM
Dang you pretty much hit the nail on the head lol. I agree with just about all of those especially the heels, boots and hooker shoes. Granted I do have a boot fetish but I NEVER wear anything over a 3 inch heel just because it hurts too damn much! Japanese girls have really messed up bow legs from wearing those too much, its not good.

hmmmm I can add a couple of more to the weird list:

-The condomania store in shibuya
-the pervert guys who try to sneak panty shots going up the escalator behind a girl in short skirt
-anime porn that features girl between the ages of 12 and 16...uh last time I checked child pornography was illegal and yet because its animated its legal, it still sick as f--k either way
-cross dressers who wear the white germ face masks to hide the fact that they are cross dressers
-people walking around in furry mascot costumes for no reason at all (for some reason its considered yankee fashion here in tokyo)

oh and one for the dislikes list:
-elitist cosplayers who dont want to talk to are be friendly with anyone outside their clique or their `ranking group` in terms of how good or bad their cosplay is compared to other people.

10-17-2010, 08:49 AM
I usually don't mind the early-teen porn or the furry-folks. I'm totally desensitized by the way a lot of real teenagers seem to use sex both as a subject of entertainment and a social/financial weapon. We have trouble giving kids credit (or demanding responsibility from them) for owning their own sexuality. With the average age of first sexual experience being quite low and the partner age-gap being darned high the entire issue of porn/sexuality in Japan is a more nuanced one than most of us (oddly puritanical) Americans deign to make it. It isn't necesarily inspiring real life transgressions so much as being inspired by them.

Though the subject matter and manner of presentation in some of the porn (reguardless of age) can still be a real shocker and can be a depressing indicator of some of the misogyny women might still face, the mental issues some unfortunate Japanese people are struggling with and how potentially neglectful the current censorship/age regulation system is.

You can learn so much about people from their porn (and how they get it).

A lot of it's actually really good. Some of it's really odd. A bit of it is pretty offensive. And a handful of it is downright terrifying.

As for the elitist cosplayers, I don't think that's a Japan-thing so much as a cosplay-thing :P I've met some pretty hoity-toity North American cosplayers, too. Japanese cosplayers have been nothing but awesome to me, provided I summoned the nerve to approach them first and let them know I spoke Japanese. But I think I'm lucky to come from a less hardcore area/community :3 Kansai/Chugoku/Shikoku is pretty darn laid back! I can only think of two times when I was actively avoided... once with you by that 3-person Tohou/VOCALOID group, actually :P But that was an indirect compliment, I suppose.