View Full Version : miku hatsune volcaloid HELP!

10-17-2010, 06:32 PM
does anyone know how to style the wig or anthing? i know that most people buy a short wig and buy the super long ponytails but like is it cheaper to do it that way or should i buy a super llong wig, cut it short, and make the remaining hair into clip on ponytails? my mom's super cheap and thinks everything involving anime or cosplay that involves money is stupid so the cheaper the better! but i dont want it to look bad so if its lyk $65 for the whole thing (including shipping. but thats only for the wig hahaha) and it looks like its worth wayyyy more my mom'll be fine spendin it on that haha plzzzz help meeee! im pretty new to the whole cospaly thing! :spinner: <-- that smiley face rly amuses me hahahahaha :razz:

10-17-2010, 07:11 PM
If you buy a Wig to put in Ponytails like hers you will have to Weft (If I got that right) More hair into it so you do not see the netting in it. Cosplay online store does sell Wigs that are in pony tails But remember Long wigs/hair tangles Horribly unless you are continuously Combing through it with your fingers it also can be hard to pack. My Opinion? Buy the Base wig, Trim it and Buy the ponytails clip-ons. that way you don't have to worry bout messing them up during transport.

Also try the cosplay marketplace. sometimes they have good deals on used wigs. Also YOu can risk Ebay but its a Hit or miss. They run from $39.18- $57.99 on ebay I would Suggest you Look at the reviews and go from there. If they are a newer Store I hate to Criticize but I wouldn't buy from them until they got more reviews. If they got a lot of reviews and you can't find the bad ones that are there you can use http://toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs To look at them. Just enter the Ebay seller's name and hit the button and it'll bring up all the bad reviews that seller had.