View Full Version : Hungary - Collar and general questions

10-23-2010, 10:01 PM
With a new wealth of enthusiasm, I've decided that I'm going to do Hungary, with the apron and the green dress and all.

Since the con I will be wearing it to is Otakon, this summer, I'll be aiming for a short sleeved version of the dress, though plans might change. I have a question for people who have made this costume before, or else payed attention to people wearing it.

How should I do the collar? It appears to be an undershirt, but due to what is likely going to be an awful amount of heat, I'm not going to want to have an entire extra later under the apron and dress. With that considered, is sewing the collar on the way to go, or should I use a "dickie" (the collar with three or four button's worth of fabric, pinned or otherwise fastened into place under the dress)?
Also, should I bother learning how to make one from scratch, or should I take a trip to the thrift store?

Does anyone have a pattern for the dress, or suggestions? I would also appreciate it for the aprons. I know I can figure them out, but having help never hurts.

Last but not least: Should I attach the flower to the kerchief or to a hair clip?