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10-24-2010, 09:17 PM
Hey guys! I was wondering about how many people use martial arts as a way to work out for their cosplays. As a Guile/Cody cosplayer, it certainly helps me with poses and overall body sculpting. I focus on a capoeira/muay thai/tae kwon do routine. What are some other martial arts that cosplayers are practicing?

10-24-2010, 10:20 PM
Taekwondo has been big in my life since I started about four years ago, but I've really been taking conditioning a lot more seriously since I set my cosplay goal for next year. I get a lot of cardio during practices, especially during tournament season, so I'd definitely recommend it.

10-24-2010, 10:22 PM
^ i too do tae kwon do, i think for 8 years now, definitely keeps me in shape without a doubt xD

10-25-2010, 07:06 AM
I did the kempo karate from the P90x DVDs. that is really good for martial arts stuff. various kicks and stuff.

10-25-2010, 08:47 AM
I do karate. I usually try to go to my sensei's gym twice a week and do a few rounds on his bags.

10-25-2010, 10:23 AM
I do karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. BJJ is pretty intense when everyone outweighs you by 40+lbs.

The karate especially helps for action shots when cosplaying fighting game characters. Sakura from SF kicks pretty damn high, after all. n_n

10-25-2010, 12:48 PM
I've never really looked into BJJ. You focus mainly on grapples rather than strikes, right?

10-25-2010, 12:58 PM
I originally started taking karate as a way to lose weight before a con. I've stuck with it because I really enjoy it!
Our style is Shito Ryu. I'm 7th Kyu. To my surprise and joy, our school has a Battou class, which is where Kenshin gets his name "Battousai" from.

10-25-2010, 02:02 PM
I've been training kendo for over one and a half year now, currently only 6th kyu although I could easily graduate 5th kyu and probably even 4th kyu if I got the possibility. :) (I've got possibilities to graduate two times, at one of them I just had a trip to Thailand and before the other one I injured my foot and couldn't walk normally for months...)

I did not start kendo for the sole purpose of cosplay, I started training it because I'm highly interested in samurais, feudal Japan and japanese swords in general and that's what kendo is about!
Kendo is the only "sport" I've ever been interested enough in to practice regularly (never trained anything before it) and of course it have boosted my self-esteem and just made me a more confident person than before.

Btw, not to mention I often choose to cosplay characters who either are samurai or just wear kimono and hakama (or both!) because then I can incorporate my kendo skills into the character I'm portraying! :D

Always cool to cosplay a character with a katana and actually know how to properly hold/swing that thing for photos, or at least do some authentic posing with it... :rofl:

10-25-2010, 09:54 PM
I've never really looked into BJJ. You focus mainly on grapples rather than strikes, right?
Yup. No striking and it's almost entirely on the ground. There are a number of takedowns you practice but the focus is mainly on what to do once you're down there. It's very technical. There are counters to everything and counters to those counters, etc. Much fun. =)

10-26-2010, 12:49 AM
I train kickboxing but i trained a bit of everything before and its all really fun.I like kickboxing the most though.

Soon i want to compete and become the greatest fighter on the earth.

10-26-2010, 02:58 AM
Well, i did wrestling for five years. Tried to learn Bjj a year out of wrestling, but it didn't mix well. Between getting there and once I got in spar mode all i could do was wrestle. The problem with that was only the three top belts (black included) out of a class of twenty kept up with me, so i got an ego and stopped going. Not sure if I regret that.

Kinda miss the Thai training, buts thats because I've never had any striking training before.

10-26-2010, 08:51 PM
I did tang soo do for 2 years and really loved it and got far but unfortunately had to stop so hopefully i can start again soon

10-27-2010, 10:16 AM
I've been studying Tae Kwon Do for 4-5ish years. It's helped a bit, though I haven't been as active lately. My school doesn't have much in the way of martial arts. I really want to be active in the Kickboxing fitness class they offer, though.

10-27-2010, 07:49 PM
It's tournament season for ECTC (the Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference), so I've got some pretty intensive training ahead of me, not to mention the sparring at the actual tournaments... Ugh, just thinking about it make me tired.