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10-25-2010, 07:20 PM
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10-27-2010, 06:17 PM
I've never dabbled in Still Photography, but I know pretty much all there is to know about shooting film. Which in wanting a certain look and quality go hand in hand.

None of this is said to be mean, so if it comes off that way I'm sorry in advance :]

1. The rule of thirds- Imagine a 3x3 square grid on each picture. You want your subject to lie on the lines, not directly in the middle of grid. It just looks odd. By using the rule of thirds it looks more "artsy" and gives the viewer something interesting. This little tip is one of biggest factor in interesting and good photographs.
Photo 4- Really close, but not just there yet. If you had been a little less centered and both you and the tree were moved more onto that imaginary line to the left, it would be dead on.

2. Headroom- The amount of room above the subjects head. In certain shots a LOT of head room looks epic and does the picture justice. But that amount of head room makes the subject about 1/5 as tall as the photo. Most shots however, you want just enough headroom to look natural. Dont cut the subjects scalp off or anything.
Photo 1- not enough head room.
Photo 2- Too much head room, the end of the photo should be around about where the bow in the limb in the tree in the background (lol) is.
Photo 3- good head room!
Photo 4- one of those, loads of headroom makes the shot photos. Good job.
Photo 5- Just a tad too much, in regards to the photo about a 1/2 inch to an inch shorter probably would have worked out better, but the photo is not too bad and you could get away with it.

3. Composition- Probably a point and shoot camera, which I'm not knocking. Just means alittle bit of editting on the computer might be neccisary. Its easy to use Auto on these kinds of cameras and if your not too savvy with the manual settings its probably better to just leave it on auto and tweek the comp in the post-editing ( editing on the computer)

Things I liked:
Love your Location, and location is very important to good photos. It seems to suit your character well, who buy the way looks pretty beastly. Theres good energy coming from your character, which can be hard to emote through a photograph. If a picture can capture an energy it makes it that much more interesting and better.

These photos are a good starting point for someone who hasnt spent any time behind a camera, for still photos of film. So Good Job.

10-28-2010, 09:19 AM
Hmmm. It seems a contradiction that you had a "real photographer" with "no photography experience".

The quality of the camera is low, but putting that aside:

Your poses are generally good. I think doing actual movement would look even better for picture #2.

I agree that using the rule of thirds would make stronger compositions, however, there is a place for doing centered, symmetrical compositions. When you do use the rule of thirds, leave more room in the direction the character is facing. You can use this same rule of thirds for deciding headroom. It will often look great if your eyes are on the top-third horizontal imaginary line. The scalp can indeed be cropped out on close-ups, if it is a head-and-shoulder shot, or closer.

Pose #4 may be better if your legs are more horizontal with your head, rather than diagonally downward. The angle you choose shortens your body and forces you to keep the cropping wider.

Try using the zoom on the lens for more variety. You can have the photographer step back, then zoom in for some choices.

The skin-tones are a bit magenta or pink. Color correction will help, if you add some green and some yellow to compensate.