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10-28-2010, 02:38 PM
i remember back when i first started to diet and workout there was a little thing called a virtual trainer. when i decided t check it out, it was a 3d model for inspiring someone to get into shape. you plugged in your body shape, weight, etc and from there it would generate what your body looks like now. then you enter what you want to weigh and it generates what your figure would look like then.

i thought it was cool so when i started to get back into fitness, i looked up the site again on shape.com. instead of finding the generator thing, i found a whole logging system down to the last detail. this thing logs your measurements, BMI, meals you eat, how many calories you burn a day (even when you don't work out!) and loads more. you can even log in store bought name brands or meals at restaurants to your meals to keep track of nutritional values.

better yet, it suggests workouts too! even if you have no equipment or are a beginner. workouts also get logged in and it subtracts from your caloric intake each day.

to keep you motivated, it shows progress charts and such, even giving you an estimated date you'll reach your set goal by.

the website (in case i forgot to mention) is shape.com. it's done by a magazine (great mag for tips btw) you'll need to create an account and log in before accessing the virtual trainer. from there you just select the tab that says "virtual trainer. easy no? better yet is that it's FREE! :bigtu:

tell me what you guys think and on how accurate it is. so far i have no issues with it, but then again i don;t have much weight to lose.