View Full Version : Hair/Wig Product Review: Prisila Oil Spray Conditioner for Wigs

11-05-2010, 07:01 AM
Name of Merchant: Prisila
Website: http://www.prichara.com/ *Japan only
Item reviewed: Oil Spray Conditioner for Wigs (http://www.prichara.com/products/detail.php?product_id=742)
Price: 2,520 yen (slightly over US $30) for a 400 ml bottle.

This is my primary wig conditioning spray. I use it to comb out just-recieved wigs, to treat freshly washed wigs, to tease out tangles and to de-static down-style wigs before use.

Pros: The huge bottle lasts an eternity. I've had it for about 6 months now and I'm not even to the 1/4rth-gone point. One treatment takes about 0.8 cc on a short wig and 1.6 on a long one (3-6 sprays). It works very well for comb-outs and restoring lustre to freshly washed or rehabilitated/damaged wigs.

Cons: It doesn't smell BAD... but it doesn't smell good either. There's a distinct, synthetic smell about it that fades quickly when it dries but isn't nearly as inspiring at the smell of Prisilia's wig styling spray. Thick wigs that mimic real hair and are prone to static may not be completely tamed by Prisila oil spray alone. I have a bit of a problem with vellsus wigs tending to frizz up a bit after an hour outside, even if they've been heavily oil-treated. It ought to be used in combination with hairspray or wax for the best results.

Final Comments: Utilitarian if vaguely stinky...

Final Grade: 8