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Indy Tarquinson
11-08-2010, 10:06 PM
What are YOUR favorite and funniest ATLA cosplay moments?

For one, I never fail to get told that my scar is on the wrong side as Zuko, and for one panicky moment, I think I DID put the scar on the wrong side. XD (Even though this happens multiple times and I should know better by now. XD)

I also have terrible eyesight IRL, so for Toph I sometimes go without glasses to see if I can get a 'feel' for acting like her and not looking straight at people, but this actually ends up not working if I don't have a friend with me because I really can't see where I'm going. People come up to me asking for pics and I didn't see them and feel like I was being rude snubbing them...I'm sorry...TT^TT (Well, that's not as funny as it is sad...)

Ah yes, and all the random jokes about the ATLA movie I've had to endure. "At least the effects were good!" XB

11-12-2010, 09:29 PM
We first did Avatar cosplay for the movie premiere. I hadn't even finished detailing the costumes, so a costume/make-up test had never been done. There we were, two hours after we wanted to leave and about three before we HAD to, and Zuko is just learning to put his gelatine scar on. I'm on the floor, super-focused on sewing Sokka's bag. Suddenly Zuko pokes his head in.
"Hey guys, how's the scar look?" (this is before we added the make-up, so it was just a gelatine smear).
I look up from my sewing, look back down and tell him, utterly serious, "Great. But it's on the wrong side."

It really was. ^_^

12-21-2010, 10:19 PM
SDCC 08, the creators of the show called me up to the stage for the costume contest because I did not get one of the passes being handed out in the audience for the contest by saying(when the lights came up) "Let get the cross dressing Sokka Up here."( I was doing Kyoshi Warrior Sokka) Was my great cosplaying moment of my life XD