View Full Version : The Prowler Cosplay tips wanted

11-24-2010, 04:21 AM

So I need some help breaking down the specifics of his costume.

Here's what I have observed so far.

1. The cloak needs to be hand made out of some material that can reflect stitching (I'd rather not use leather unless I have to)

2. He wears a fine purple shirt with a high collar underneath everything. Not sure how I can reflect the buttons though. (I'm thinking a purple silk shirt with buttons manually forced in.)

3. he wears a red overshirt thingy. (This is the hardest part IMO because of the strange way it parts upon his arms.)

4. A very standard brown vest over

5. Common Renaissance white dress shirt.

6.Multicolored pants (Pants themselves are easy but the multicolor part might be hard)

7. Standard Renaissance boots.

Anybody have any tips to help out? Anything would be helpful.