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11-24-2010, 04:22 AM
Okies, I'm getting back on the wagon again. Kinda fell off when I had a person picking on me about losing weight telling me things I really didn't want to hear. ~_~;;

I need to come up with a diet plan that could work. I've got a few problems to start off with that I'm hoping I can get around.

(1) There is a Problem with my Thyroid. I was in the hospital when they told me but was released before they could tell me what was wrong cause they needed to do another test. They didn't write anything down which I'm wondering why. I am unable to find out what is wrong until my insurance forms goes through and I go back to my doctor, so I'm stuck until at least January.

(2) I have Sleeping problems. I'm usually up until 5am -8am and Sleep until 3pm-4pm. Or I may just stay up the entire day. Its not that I don't want to sleep its just I can't sleep. I can't exactly run/jog/walk Outside at night since I live out in the country where there are no street lights and Wild Hogs( that can do pretty good damage if they are mad enough) among many other animals out there (Bears too not the Friendly ones).

I'm going to look into the gym that just started their overnight thing next week. And I'm thinking about getting the Wii Dance thing. DDR is no longer a Option since I live in a house that is over 80 years old which the wooden Floor Boards are starting to bend slightly if You land too heavy on them. Replacing them soon XD;;;

Now on to the questions;

Drinks wise; Is there anything that taste as sweet as soda without the caffeine/sugar in it? I know soda is going to be extremely hard to get off of Since I'm addicted (Yes I'll admit it) I've tried Crystal light and it taste okay and I usually drift off to drinking Soda Soon after ^^;;; Sad I know. The water no one will drink the tap unless it's boiled/Chilled, the chlorine smell/taste is pretty high out here, so we resort to bottle water a lot.

Fruit; what are the healthier fruits to get? I will try my best to get Fruit from the Produce section but there are times I would have to buy Canned to save a bit of money/time. Is there any Brands I can get that could be healthy? (Minus all the added sugar)

Veggies/Starches; This may be a hard one. I like my cabbage but I've been hearing its not healthy for you. I kinda wanna know if its true but at the same time I don't Since I may have to give it up. Pea's I don't normally eat, but I love my Corn which I'm pretty sure isn't good for me. Any veggies I should Avoid?

White Rice Vs Potatoes? which is Better? I'm sorry I can't eat brown rice I can't stand the taste/smell nor can I stomach it cause it just taste God awful @_@

Work out routines; What can I do at home with no equipment? I know the Walk/Jog already and Sit ups. I'm going to attempt a push up again... Not done one of those in a long while!

Current weight; 228 , I was 204 in march @_@ I'm wondering if its my chest that is giving me more weight since It has grown. My waist hasn't grown more then 2 inches and my hips I've gained nothing... I'm not even kidding.
Current Goal; 160
Areas Wanting to loose; Face, Arms, Stomach, butt and thighs. Chest would be nice but They are nice Cushions when I trip (^o^)^ < Klutz here
Pro's- Open Tummy Shorts wearing cosplays!!! Healthier lifestyle, Diabetes Chance deduced (Extremely Strong on my mothers side) Finally getting to Wear the dream Purple two piece that i will be tastefully designing myself ^_~

Also Just Curious if I loose weight could if Possible Warp tattoos? I've got a WIP tribal on my Bicep I'm not exactly sure what that is going to do when I Loose weight so I'm not going to get any more work done on it until I know what will happen.

I was going to start after Turkey day but I see no point in waiting. Any support would be loved ^^;;;

11-24-2010, 07:01 AM
The first thing you should certainly tackle is your sleeping habbits. after a good workout to tire you out, that will not be a problem.

if you are afraid to leave the house you can always run in place at home while you watch tv for 30 minutes a day. If you cant do that, buy a reflector jacket and bring with you a frying pan and wooden spoon to scare away bears. :p

I just stay away from that stuff and switched to water. i dont even miss the stuff. it just to me would taste wayy too sweet >.< your taste buds change as you make healthy choices.

fruit is fruit. the key is portions 1 medium sized piece=cup of berries= 1oz of dried fruit.

just check my nutrition guide by clicking the what to eat for veggie info.

ಠ\_ಠ You can seriously taste and smell a difference between white and brown rice??? but anyway potatoes are better. remember dark carbs are what yoiu are looking for whole wheat and whole grains is the key.

look up the budget zero workout in the thread directory i wrote for some tips also the newly written what equipment do I really need thread.

I hope I answered your questions! :D And don't be shy to leave a PM.

11-24-2010, 07:31 AM
I hope I answered your questions! :D And don't be shy to leave a PM.

or you could ask via posting.

So more than just one person can help you, and we can discuss how to best help you. Its prolly a far better idea than just PM'ing kas.

11-24-2010, 08:10 AM
true XD

11-24-2010, 08:59 AM
Kas covered most of the important stuff so I only had a few things to add -

Fruit is a great choice, and an excellent substitute for snacks and junk food. The only stuff to watch out of is often dried fruit has lots of sugar added, and canned fruit typically is covered in sugary syrup, which is going to make your healthy snack a heck of a lot more calories.

If you do have thyroid problems then frankly there are a lot of dietary restrictions and difficulties that can go along with it. At this point I would recommend just trying to learn some better habits, and cleaner eating until your doctor can help you. I think there was a thread a little while back just for people with thyroid issues, surprisingly common, where you should be able to pick up some great pointers for people who are having similar issues.