View Full Version : Are You Alice Group For Winter Comiket 2010

11-28-2010, 03:31 AM
Here is a great link for anyone who needs costume photo references for ARE YOU ALICE?

http://http://sgcafe.com/cosplay-grouping/75341-you-alice-need-chars-photog-skw-eoy11-soy12-ps.html (http://sgcafe.com/cosplay-grouping/75341-you-alice-need-chars-photog-skw-eoy11-soy12-ps.html)

If anyone would like to join us almost half the characters are not spoken for (please refer to the winter comiket groups posting in this forum for more info. Cosplayers Kiratsukai and Shortsheik are both doing most of the managing and coordination for this group so please PM them if you have any questions.