View Full Version : The Official Nekocon Freak-Out Thread X___X

10-12-2003, 11:04 AM
OK, so if I'm right, Nekocon is only like 3 1/2 weeks away?

And I have HOW MUCH sewing left to do?! X_____X

I haven't even -started- on Misato, and Lilly's been pinned to my dressform for forever now.. I need MOTIVATION! *cry*

(And I also need Lilly done for Halloween! G'AH!)

PAAANNICCC TIIMMEE X____X *falls over* (i.e.; time to sew like you want to win!)

10-12-2003, 12:09 PM
XD haha! 3 costumes...none started!

::does the panic dance::

10-12-2003, 05:10 PM
Ack, tell me about it! x_X I really started to freak out this weekend about not finishing in time. So much left to do! I'm beginning to wonder what I was thinking when I decided to do another costume.

I think we all need to motivate eachother.

Get moving! Sew sew sew! ^_^

10-12-2003, 05:20 PM
MOOOOTIVATE!!! >_____< Go go go!

>I'm beginning to wonder what I was thinking when I decided to do another costume.

Me too! X_X I don't even know how I decided on doing Lilly.. it just sorta.. happened. @_@;;

10-12-2003, 09:10 PM
I'm only going to have one new costume for Nekocon (battle royale), but so far all I have is the tie. And I won't be able to work on it for 2 weeks!
::...panics with the rest of you...::

10-13-2003, 06:45 AM
*walks in*


*walks out*

10-13-2003, 08:17 AM
Hmm... What I have to do... my Chuunin Examiner's jacket... some good ninja shoes (finally)... some kunai and leg holster... fix my Wizard mantle... *shrug* I've got time >.>

Link Arroway
10-13-2003, 10:09 AM
@_@ The 18th is the deadline to Pre-Register! And the deadline for Con Rate Hotel is already passed. If you look like your under 12, you can get a 66.6% discount

So much to do >_< Haven't started on car, money >_>, ahh why you betray me, food.. :3 uhh.... I need to start getting it together :| before i explode :bigtu:

Giant Alucard
10-13-2003, 10:41 AM
I am so not ready, lol. I still haven't started on my Battle Royale costume (and I need to get the collar soon), I have to start on my Canti armor as soon as possible to have it done on time...... Money is coming in kinda slow right now though (even though i have to jobs at the moment), but if all goes as i plan, I'll have enough for my badge and room and enough to barely cover my costume expenses............ being poor sucks so much, I need to get motivated, lol.

10-14-2003, 12:18 PM
Nah...still 2 weeks too early to freak out yet!


*takes out matches and lights fires under everyones' tookises*

10-14-2003, 01:48 PM
Is it really that close,,,*looks at calendar* Holy --- dang it....*slaps forehead* I only have ONE costume to make but it is like 3 the thing is soo daggon detailed.......I need to pick easier costumes....or stop procrastinating.....hm.....I think I'll go for the former *sweatdrop* ^^ Good luck to all...Don't freak out...if push comes to shove you can always sew in your hotel rooms till 2 am ^^;;; <---will end up doing again....*sigh*

10-15-2003, 07:18 PM
heh, try wanting to have a couple costumes done AND being in charge of Live Events programming.

Feh, you know nothing of pressure!^_~


10-17-2003, 10:45 PM
I've pretty much given up on my planned Nekocon costumes... I've been working on them for months, and I need a few more months on them lol... Maybe Katsu or Animazement will see Terra and Edgar (FF6)... <sigh> So much beading! ^_^;;

But I will be bringing Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas... Those are the costumes my bf and I are doing for Halloween this year... Almost done with Sally now...

10-17-2003, 11:12 PM
*blinks as it dawns as him that he has exactly 3 weeks left to* ... Hm... well shit o_o;

10-19-2003, 12:34 PM
Hay Oshii how are you handling your shoes? I'm trying to make them but basically having a hard time finding sandles at this time of the year.

Link Arroway
10-19-2003, 02:24 PM
AHHH less than 3 weeks *cries*
*hits head on desk*
*pants slowly*
agrr.. I hate you USPS and North State Bank or whatever its called, my father sucks as well. That is all.

10-19-2003, 04:10 PM
I'm actually not as freaked out as I thought I would be.


It's either because I'm progressing well, or there is so much extra to do that I haven't thought about yet that it hasn't hit me...

... I hope it's not the last one!! >____<

10-19-2003, 09:47 PM
Mako: I bought cheapy sandles back in August, cut the straps off, and now I gotta make the rest of them... but I have the base! X_x;

Giant Alucard
10-20-2003, 11:07 AM
AHHHHHHHH!!! I'm trying to get it done!! I'll have to forgo my BR costume til Katsu though, instead I'm going to redo my saitou hajime costume (since it was the first costume i cosplayed at neko). Now all i have to do is find a pair of Hakama pants and i will be set.

10-21-2003, 04:05 PM
Ok, I'm a bit relieved now. I should have my BR costume 90% finished by Fri. All I really need now is a collar, and I can make one of those.

Link Arroway
10-21-2003, 04:09 PM
Wow, avoid online western union if you can :D

10-21-2003, 08:38 PM
Man I cannot do any costumes. So much homework. Ahck.

To all who's not finish... はやく、はやく、はやく

10-21-2003, 08:40 PM
Pokes thread: I THINK I know who takes our money for Nekocon, should I tell the name

10-21-2003, 09:05 PM
Mako: I bought cheapy sandles back in August, cut the straps off, and now I gotta make the rest of them... but I have the base! X_x;

yes! thats what i'm doing, althought I had to go to Dick's sporting goods just to find sandles *curses at those bastards for the cost of sandles*
Hopefully i'll have them done by the end of this week!

10-21-2003, 09:19 PM
Can I be the Ukulele man?

10-23-2003, 04:42 AM
Lol, sounds like me a few hours ago. I started to sew and ended up finishing the whole dress much (emphasis on the much!) sooner then planned. I can't argue with it, it looks great.. I just have nothing great left to do now. o_o; And I pretty much dumped the Platina idea (at least for Nekocon) after realizing how stupid I would be to make it before December. *sob* I'm bored.

Link Arroway
10-23-2003, 10:09 AM
yay horrible usps dealies behind me :3, its only a matter of time now

10-24-2003, 05:02 AM
two words at the moment for my costume status "oh sh*T"...got less than half a costume made an a while to go on it still plus am making another one that is liek 70% tops. soudns liek all nighters an lotsa caffiene XD

10-25-2003, 10:17 AM
I keep switching from "omgomg I have so much left to do, I'll never finish in time!" to "Ahh no worries, I have plently of time left."

I think I'm kind of in between at the moment. @_@;

Less than two weeks to go!

Link Arroway
10-25-2003, 10:25 AM
I know I'm forgetting something, .. rarr, I should write these things down :|

ryuichi fangirl
10-28-2003, 05:37 PM
OMG *spaz*...I HATE beads....>_>...gods....I'm beading..and beading..and...still beading......Xara, why aren't you here...I need more hands....beading takes too lond...I haven't even gotten to the sequins yet >_<() *goes back to beading*


cordless runner
10-29-2003, 07:17 AM
Grrrr I still have to fix my armor for my Sesshoumaru costume and I really dont have much time to do it.>_<
I really hate fixing my damn armor before each con....if it falls apart on me at Nekocon....Im done with it!!! And thats FINAL!!!

10-30-2003, 03:42 PM
All three of my costumes are unfinished! One isn't even started yet!!! GAH! :waaaah:

Damn you Jak II for consuming all my free time!!!

11-02-2003, 08:50 AM
hmm made lots of headway ! I'm hoping to have all my costume work done by monday! cause i got tons of laundry to do and lots of work at my part time job to do also.

hehe my Naruto sandles was easier than I thought!
Goodluck everyone!

Link Arroway
11-05-2003, 10:20 AM
hrmm... I leave tommarow !@_@!

11-05-2003, 10:33 AM
I leave tomorrow morning. I still have to do my Naruto shoes and finish packing.

Damn you FFXI :)

11-05-2003, 11:55 AM
Everyone who is leaving tomorrow have a very safe journey, I hope you all get there with no problems! I havent even started packing, I still have to clean out my car of all my art crap and pile it in my nice just cleaned room, Oh well. As Im not leaving till Friday I have plenty of time...unless I get caught up watching anime like I have been...eheheheh. Then it'll be one huge rush...I think I'll get started today, if I rush I know I'll forget something. :thumbsup:

11-05-2003, 12:22 PM
Still working on costumes.. la la la.... *passes out*

Nix.. you are such a goody good.. :p wait.. is that possible?

11-05-2003, 01:03 PM
I'm not quite finished yet... and I'm leaving super early tomorrow morning! Hopefully all will get done tonight. @_@;

11-05-2003, 04:11 PM
All I need to do now is glue the parts of my collar together and I will almost be finished. After that I need to add blood to my BR uniform.

Question, for any of you who have made a BR uniform, what is the best way to apply the blood to the uniform?

11-05-2003, 06:04 PM
Kill some people and let it naturally splatter onto your uniform :)


cordless runner
11-05-2003, 06:14 PM
Well I am all packed and ready to go...leaving first thing in the morning with Tora and the gang......
Eeeeek I cant wait

11-05-2003, 08:19 PM
I hope you all have fun at that and take many pics!! I wish I was going lol XD. Anyway have fun and remember "TAKE PICTURES!!" Lol :glomps you all and waves a "See ya later" banner:

Giant Alucard
11-05-2003, 09:14 PM
AHHHHHH, still working on my Saitou jacket, but other than that i am almost ready.

11-05-2003, 09:22 PM
Aieee! ._. I still need a black turtleneck shirt for my Subaru costume >< pooo Ill be going tomorrow to get my badge and maybe help out with some stuff

11-06-2003, 06:12 AM
finished enough... we leave tomorrow at the buttcrack of dawn..... I'm loading up my car, going to work, going to target, going to my other job, then to Lizzy's at *gasp* 11ish tonight. Why does it have to fall on the one day this entire freaking semester that I work 2 jobs in one day? LoL!

See y'all there.

11-06-2003, 06:27 AM
i feel for you.. x_x; luckily i only live a half an hour from the con.. but like you Im stuffing my car with all kinds of stuff @.@ .. still need to finish a costume too -dies-

Link Arroway
11-06-2003, 12:58 PM
Well, I'm out of here, I hope I've got everything :D

11-06-2003, 02:30 PM
As I said before, have fun!! Shall be quiet on the boards without you all lol XD. Have fun and takes pictures!!

11-06-2003, 10:43 PM
Yesss! ^__^ I'm finally done with Meowth and Luffy. I can't bring Sohee though since the wig never came in. -sniff- But, oh well. I'm done! Now I want to do more .. demo.. I may bring Chii from BAAF as well.

11-07-2003, 04:36 AM
hope everyone is ready and have fun, goo-luck to all...see you people there

11-07-2003, 07:35 AM
Yup!!! Im soooooo EXCITED!!!!! I'll see all you there cant wait!!!!! (you should see my car ^_^'') SEE YALL THERE!!!!! (im not leaving till 2:30p.m. today though sux big time) LATERZZ!!! oh and u will kno if its me cause my badge will say kikyo on it!!! just so u kno!!

Giant Alucard
11-07-2003, 11:29 AM
Just got back from getting my badge with EVIL ASH (my brother). I was surprised to meet and talk to Eurobeat King, YukitoLeonHeart, and Sandruu, and Mizuno Tenshi all whiloe waiting in line, lol. Had to come back and wait til check in time. I am also just one step from finishin my Saitou costume (needs buttons). I am going to lover cosplaying Alucard at this con (Costume is fully finished for the first time. Hope to meet the rest of the people there. Cya.