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12-03-2010, 04:26 AM
The rumors were true... :/ Yorustar is no more.

This event has been amazing to us and it's given us the chance to meet so many new friends. There's going to be crying... maybe even some from people other than me :P

2010年12月25日(土曜 Saturday)
夜★スタ-最終話&旅立ち編- Yorustar - Final Story and Farewell Side
~さよならだけど、さよならじゃない、明日もサブカル、勇気、元気の巻き~ This is goodbye, but it isn't. Tomorrow, too: subculture, courage and energy.
@心斎橋DROPXNEO Shinsaibashi DROP and NEO
OPEN/CLOSE 23:00~06:00
DOOR 2000YEN(2Drink別) 3,000 yen total (2 drinks)
COSPLAY 2000YEN(2Drink別) 3,000 yen total (2 drinks)

Last call for the best dorky nightclub event that ever was T.T

Everyone who's ever loved the event seems to be coming out for it's final hurrah... it's bound to be a hell of a night.


12-19-2010, 07:04 AM
Info on meeting up:

Anyone coming who doesn't already have my contact info (so far I've only heard from folks who do) can pm me for my number and address.

We'll be arriving in Osaka around 8pm at which point we'll meet up in Amemura for refreshments and a bit of kareoke. We'll do a partial change in the kareoke booth, then do wigs/etc. outside of the club around 11.

The neighborhood is extremely chill with this sort of shennaigans and has been home to Yorustar for 2 years... long enough that the locals are actually very much accepting (and even hilariously engaged) when it comes to the semi-public cosplaying getting changed for Yorustar involves.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
As usual ~ don't bring shoes you can not afford to destroy.