View Full Version : Interactive Nero... Good or Bad?

12-04-2010, 07:53 AM
Lately, as I've been planning and designing my Nero cosplay, I came up with a rather odd-ball plan. You know how a lot of toys at the toy store have a "Try Me!" button? That little button you press to give the sound effects and lights a whirl before you by the toy? I was thinking of doing the same thing for Nero. You're probably sitting there thinking, "Technowraith WTF???" The plan is simple: Have a controller, a basic instruction manual and let "players have at it." I'll be getting into shape, learning Nero's moves and alas, you have an interactive Nero. Basically, anyone who wants to give Nero a "try" can push the buttons on the controller (read the manual! ;)) and with any luck, Nero can pull off his moves. Players call out the move sequences as they push the buttons (or Nero won't know what to do!). I'll make a "Try Me!" button and have it prominently displayed (removable in case it's not desired for photos).

Obviously this works most ideally outside, but even inside it may work to a limited extent. Won't be singing swords wildly inside, so abbreviated versions of most of the sword moves will be performed (or not at all depending on policy and location). Outside, as long as there is enough space to safely do things, I should be able to perform most moves, but even outside, policy and safety will take precedence.

My friends seem wildly enthused by this idea. Just getting an opinion before I start committing to this. Any and all opinions are welcome, just don't be a scathing troll. If you think this is a bad idea, you can say that, but being a troll about it only makes you look foolish in the end. I'm willing to accept good AND bad opinions.

If this turns out to be a good idea, next challenge I have is to find gameplay videos, which I think is gonna be a bit hard. But this is the internet after all.

Have at it people! :)