View Full Version : Vault Boy Cospaly help?

12-09-2010, 08:48 AM
This is my very first attempt at cosplaying and I need a bit of help ^^;

I'm planning on going to WAi-Con (Australia) as Vault Boy and I've only got about 7 weeks to do it. I would like to keep the cost to a minimum, if possible, but still look good.

This is my reference picture;

And I look to this for inspiration;

I've got shoes sorted out (Just standard black leather ones) like this;

I was just gonna get a standard work jumpsuit from here and run a dark blue through it to match the proper colour and then get yellow material from Lincraft and do the strips on his suit;

But the one thing I'm stuck on is the head. I'm thinking paper mache and wire to keep the shape. I don't really know how else to. Like, make the head and cut out eyes and put like that see through cotton stuff. It's gonna be heavy, that I know, but I'll live. My friend suggested a really light foam and to shape it with wire. Then I could cover it with material or I could paint it.

Sorry for all the links but it's all I could think of to show what I mean.

Any help/suggestions would be great ^^;