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12-10-2010, 12:48 AM
Me and my friends are going to Wondercon SF in April, and we're going as a Zelda group. I'm going to go as Zant. Mind you the costume is very complex, so I might not have it done by then.

This is my first attempt to handmake everything for a cosplay, so I'm inexperienced with this. But at this point I just need to know what materials would work best for what I want.

What fabric would work best for the clothing? I'm using fabric paint for the designs, and I don't know how the paint takes to different fabrics. As for the pants, from looking at the references I think black sweatpants with two or so layers on top would suffice.

For the armor and helm I've seen some use a combination of cardboard and paper mache. How durable is this? I don't want to spend a ton of money on this but I also don't want it to break like my riddler's cane did from dropping it once.

And... on the matter of comfort. You all well know how uncomfortable wearing a full body suit can be. Any tips on some things to incorporate into the design to lessen the misery? I'm especially talking about the helmet here. Just wearing a wig for my Reno cosplay drove me insane :crylaugh:


12-14-2010, 08:49 AM
It's always awesome to see new Zant cosplays! I hope you'll get it done in time. I've also made one and it was a lot of fun!

Unfortunately I can't help you much with the fabric because I don't know what it's called, but what I used was kind of thick, with a little shine on the other side (I left the matte side on top). I believe it's used for coats and the like. Fabric paint works perfectly on it because the surface is kind of hard so it doesn't just get absorbed into it. I needed to paint only two layers and add little touch-ups.

Cardboard and papier mache (newspaper strips and wallpaper paste) can turn out very durable. I used posterboard and papier mache for my armor and helmet, and well, they didn't break. I never dropped them, though, but I don't think they would break that easily... A strong base and many layers of papier mache will ensure the durability.

My costume didn't come out comfortable at all. XD You could make the helmet and armor a little softer in the inside with thick foam. And make sure not to leave any wire sticking out in the inside of the armor... It hurt.

Well, I hope I could be at least a bit of help!

02-23-2011, 07:35 PM
When I made my Zant, this is what I did...

I found that I didn't need super heavy fabric. I didn't WANT super heavy fabric, as I would be draped in black and helmet-ed already and the con I went to was in April. Make the costumes as a shirt and pants. The pants, I modified a pair of black scrubs since I knew that kind of pant is large and billowy anyway. I added the black dangle bits myself, haha. Also I had pockets! So I would suggest making it in parts in order to feel slightly cooler.

I used styrene sheeting to make the armor and helmet. I ordered in from United States Plastic Copr or something, but it's not hard to find. 0.20 gauge I believe. While I did get very hot (my glasses fogged up in the helmet, haha!), I made the helmet detachable so I could take it off when I needed a break. I'd keep the shoulder armor on, but sometimes I just wanted to see well or cool down. If you can figure out something like that, it might help. The styrene was hot, but it wasn't completely unbearable. I made by piece by little piece on a foam wig head. But cardboard and paper mache are completely legit options!

I hope that helped? Good luck! Happy to see another Zant too! :)