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12-14-2010, 05:12 PM
New Year's is just around the corner. Time to start posting online fukubukuro sales. If you find one, pop it in here!

2 costumes, 1 wig, some accessories -- 10,000 yen
or 1 costume, 1 wig, some accessories -- 5,000 yen
1/3 only

3 costumes (character genders are mixed, ex. 2 female characters, 1 male) -- 20,000 yen
only from 1/1 ~ 1/3

2 costumes, 1 wig, 2-3 support items -- 10,000 yen
S,M,L,XL / male or female characters optional
5 in each size per day until 12/20

1 costume, 1 pair of cat ears, one pouch, one pair of bloomers, 1 pair of socks or tights, a bust-up undergarment and an extra -- 5,000 yen
M, L or 5L sizes

2 wigs, 1 accessory, 1 magazine, a cellphone strap and a MAPLE coupon for 100-1000 yen for only 2,000 yen
(in-store only, 1/3 only ~ their Sendai shop is 1/2 only. The numbers in the Tokyo shop are VERY limited [only three!] so get there REALLY early or choose a different location)
*this looks like a steal and will sell out like no one's business. Might be best to line up if you want it.

12-24-2010, 01:09 AM
Coscute and Candyone added~

12-24-2010, 02:10 AM
Hm. Might spring for the Coscute one if Rebecca doesn't mind letting us still her computer for a bit OR if we pay a visit to an internet cafe.

12-24-2010, 04:08 AM
Hm. Might spring for the Coscute one if Rebecca doesn't mind letting us still her computer for a bit OR if we pay a visit to an internet cafe.

I knew you'd want that one :P I kind of want it, too. Nezurin and Kogasa are both in-stock and seem likely "hits".

MAPLE added.

And the most likely coscute swag seems to be this (ie. in-stock items):

Female Character Costumes

~Kinomoto Sakura (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23981534) (red scarf school uniform) S/M/L
~Cirno (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21055036) (default) L/XL
~Kogasa (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=20345426) (default) S/M
~Maria (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18171451) (1st series)
~Jessica (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18171377) (1st series default) S/XL
~Sailor Neptune (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=13142782) M/L
~Sailor Moon (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=4460284) S/L
~Another Blood (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=8971491) M
~Night Class Uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1787453) M
Chrome Dokuro (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=5098386) S/M/L
Shana (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=22437501) S/M/L/XL
Ayanami Rei (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1792254)(lolita) M/L
Asuka (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1792231) (lolita) M
Asuka (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1792198) (lolita) L
Strawberry Panic uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=8224983) L/XL
Strawberry Panic uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=3395570) M/L
Okino (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23038933) L/XL
Yuuyuuko (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23417362) S/M/XL
Komachi (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23384072) S/M/L/XL
Tohou (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=22189422) S/M/XL
Byakuran (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21787155) S/M/L
Patchouli (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=13767984) S
Konpaku (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=12805236) S
Izayoi (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=10970529) M/XL
Yakumo (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=10970502) S/M/L
Yakumo Yukari (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=10748659) S/M
Marisa (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=9998114) S/M/L
*Alice Liddel (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=25227483) S/M/L
*Hairo no Kakera uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=17807963) S/M/L
Satoko (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=4260753) S/L/XL
Rena (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=3991296) M/L
Pia Carrot (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=9510662) M
Pia Carrot (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=9328832) M
Pia Carrot (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=9262679) M
* Yuna (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1802478) S
Gunner Yuna (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1789000) S/L
Saber (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=2311889) S/L
* Fate Stay/Night (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1802510)S/M/L/XL
Black Rock Shooter (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=15269069)S/M/L/XL
Belarus (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18023312) XL
Taiwan (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=20512857) XL
Ukraine (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=17682870) S/M/L
Miruku (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=24672006) M/L/XL
Pop'n'music (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23827141) S/L/XL
Sheryl Nome (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=16094576) XL
Rozen Maiden (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=2311898) L/XL
Souseiseki (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1802669) XL (male character?)
Magnet Miku (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21792150) S/L/XL
Magnet Luka (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21792272) S/M
Magnet Rin (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21903578) S/M/L/XL
Alice Human Sacrifice Rin (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23652335) M/L
Alice Human Sacrifice Miku (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=24436647) S/M/L

Male Character Costumes

~Battora (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18171260) S/M/XL
Fubuki/Hokkaido Team Uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=24527101) S/M/L/XL
Raimon Club Uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=24526928) M/L/XL
Team Japan Uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=20473656) M/L/XL
Shinsengumi Uniform ~ silver (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1801083) M/L
Claude Faustus (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=24797671) S/M/L/XL
Alois Trancy (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=24583376) S/M/L
Trap Ciel (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=12984527) L/XL
P.O.T. (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=22196945) S/M/XL
P.O.T. (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=14666610) S
P.O.T. (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1802307) S/L
P.O.T. (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1802280) S/M/L
P.O.T. (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1802256) M/L/XL
P.O.T. (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1802174) L/XL
P.O.T. (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1802138) L
Shizuo (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=20744440)
Izaya (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=20743975) S/M
Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=24961147) M/L/XL
*Hairo no Kakera uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=17150653) S
*Shinigami Uniform (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=1853182)(Bleach) S/M/L/XL
Austria (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23652437) S/M/XL
Hungary (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23386522) S/M
Sealand (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=22437738) S/M/L
France (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21862918) S/M
Spain (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21226975) S/L/XL
Prussia (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18781758) S/M/XL
Denmark (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18781545) S/M
Spain (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18781411) S/XL
Ireland (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18023522) XL
Switzerland (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=15268855) M/L
Finland (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=13275010) M/L/XL
Germany (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=11855538) S/M/L
America (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=11753106) M/L/XL
Hungary (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=11520526) S/XL
Austria (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=11513363) M
Italy (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=11493878) XL
Japan (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=11399975) L/XL
Bernardo (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18712861) S/M
Don Carlo (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18712752) S/L
Evan (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=18712467) S/L
Imitation Black KAITO (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21286630) S
Magnet Len (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=21903476) S/M/L/XL
Alice Human Sacrifice Len (http://www.cos-cute.com/?pid=23652342) M/L

*are discontinued items and are almost definately going out in Lucky Bags
~are overstock and are also likely to go out

I've included them, but it seems less likely that Cos Cute's big-selling series and newer items will be included ~ don't hold your breath for VOCALOID, Hetalia or Tohou unless they're slow-moving, older costumes or rarer/less-popular characters/variations.

12-24-2010, 09:18 AM
Thanks for posting these! I really want one of the Maple ones but there is no way in hell I'm gonna get one if they limit it to 3. Why even bother with a lucky bag if you're only doing 3? And in Tokyo at that! Really tempted by the Coscute one too!

12-24-2010, 10:22 PM
Coscute does a nice job. My Remilia is by them if you wanna take a peek at it. And $200 is a very good deal for 3 costumes by them.