View Full Version : Martyrs Cosplay (Possible Spoilers Inside)

12-19-2010, 10:42 AM
I Love this Movie, To many people it does not make sense but to me it's Perfect.
I fell in love with one of the Main Actress's

Mylene Jampanoi - She plays (Lucie) a Young Girl Tortured at the hands of Evil Hearted Adults. As she grows up She cannot forget the Horrible things They did to her as she see's things that are not there and feels the pain they inflicted on her. She is so Hellbent on getting Revenge as a young Adult. Lucie Finds out where her (Enemy) lives and pays them a little visit... without ruining more of the movie, You should check out the movie yourselves!

but anyways I am wanting to Cosplay as (Revenge Lucie)

She Wears : Black Beanie,Black Hooded Trench Coat/2 Pockets Waist level. Boots.

i was going to just buy a hooded trench coat but i think im going to press my luck and try and make one. only because i am going to put splatters of blood on it to make it look more realistic.thing is what type of Material should i make it out of that would look good?

black beanie i'll just buy since there are a ton of them out there on the market for like $1-$4. also Black Boots i have a pair, but i might pick an extra pair up at Thrift Store/Salvation Army, they have a good selection just have to find my size lol.

I will also need a bigger Shotgun.. i was also thinking bout making one somehow?
I have a Combat Shotgun but i will need something more along the lines of a Almost (Double Barrel) im not sure if they make Airsoft guns like that? (might have to settle with Combat)? oh well...

also for fake Blood umm i have seen alot of different ways of making it but no Demonstrations of people using it on clothing or anything after they make it, so i dont know how realistic it looks on clothing ect...

i want this Crossplay/Cosplay to look its best! any help is Greatly Appreciated!

12-26-2010, 12:49 AM
I too love this movie, but I have a feeling that if you were to cosplay from this, depending on where you wore it, you won't be getting many people who recognize you or even know that you're in costume.

That said, most fake blood you buy in stores will stain clothing, so either be prepared for the clothing to be bloodstained or invest in some deep stain removers.

01-13-2011, 10:10 AM
You can paint a toy double-barrel shotgun (=http://www.buzzbeetoys.com/USglobal/AirBlasters/50400.html).