View Full Version : Ciel Phantomhive cosplay?

12-29-2010, 04:18 AM
I am going to cosplay Ciel Phantomhive in his "regular clothes", but since im not that good with the sewing part I was thinking about buying it.
But then the problem is it can't be to expensive and I still want it to look good. Although I would love to be able to say I made this ALL BY MYSELF...
Ah, someone knows where I can buy it? Or is it just a dream that'll never come true? *dramatic*.

12-30-2010, 12:21 AM
His regular clothes? I think I can help you out a bit there. I find that Hellocosplay has decent costumes, for what I think is a decent price if you're buying costumes. Or, you could check ebay as well as the coscom markeplace.

Ciel's most common regular clothes:

Ciel's most common regular clothes in the second season of the anime:

If neither of those two are to your liking, heres the link to the rest of hellocosplay's Kuro costumes:

Hope this helped a bit, and if it didn't, I'll be quite willing to look through ebay for you. Just let me know. ^^;;