View Full Version : Megaman X Costume Help

12-30-2010, 12:37 AM
Hey guys, I'm new and i heard much about "Going to a Megaman forum for better help" on numerous posts, but I'm not sure if i got there, (Or how to get there) so please forgive my n00bishness, anyway:

So far I have this:
I've added fiberglass, and noticed the duct taped basketball was easily coming off, so i took the lights out then ripped the basketball frame out.
Surprisingly it looks nicer,
I don't have a picture yet but it looks the same but smoother and see through. I have yet to make the red gem (I don't have the helmet physically with me cause I get to work with Fiberglass at auto tech during school since my mom doesn't like the smell)

But here's where I need help! I made a framework of how I wanted the chest piece to look:
(note the side is unattached because I wanted it to be like an opening with magnets or Velcro)

How do I make it look thicker and more well... awesome? Lol. Any suggestions? I wanted to go with foam because fiberglass would hurt my arms after some time cause its so stiff, but how would i attach foam to the cardboard framework? is there a special glue? and how do i make the foam Shiny and robotic? without looking bad :O

Thanks in advance :D