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12-31-2010, 06:10 AM
Hey cosplayers! Not only am I new to this site but I'm also new to this whole PR/Sentai cosplay world. Hate to admit but I don't have a costume yet and really REALLY want one.

Suits that I want:
CarBlue / Blue Turbo Ranger
GoBlue / Blue Lightspeed Ranger
DekaGreen / S.P.D Green Ranger (the one I'm getting first)
BoukenBlack / Overdrive Black Ranger
Go-OnGreen / R.P.M Ranger Green

Other suits I'm interested in getting for mannequins when I get mannequins:
DekaYellow / S.P.D Yellow Ranger
BoukenYellow / Overdrive Yellow Ranger
GekiYellow / Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger
Go-OnYellow / R.P.M Ranger Yellow

Suits that I want to get my girlfriend:
ZyuPink / Pink Power Ranger
CarPink / Pink Turbo Ranger

A suit my friend said he wanted:
DekaMaster / S.P.D Shadow Ranger

NOW! I calculated with the makers I spoke to that the SPD Green is going to be a bit more expensive than the Lightspeed Blue. Speaking with Sushiya, to make the rest of the costume except the bodysuit would cost $650 and it would take 2-3 months to make. I can't wait that long! But I'm sure it'll be worth it. :)

WHEN i get the SPD Green, I'm going to need the SP License, and the D-weapons to go with it as well as the holsters. Sushiya said he can't make them. Is there a prop-maker out there who can make 1:1-scale props and weapons?

Good thing though it give me time to loose a little weight. All I want really is a thinner waist, thinner thighs to kill 10 pounds. I mean - I'm skinny anyway. I'm just as thin as Manpei Takagi (Retsu / GekiBlue) but just wanna be a bit thinner. The skinnier the better! lol Yeah, I know - a MALE wanting to be skinnier? Weird but that's who I am. Whoever the stunt actress was for DekaYellow / S.P.D Yellow - I just can't find a way to get over how skinny she looked in that suit! Wow! And I love LOVE the suit designs for DekaRanger/SPD, SPD especially because of the thicker number outlines.

I did speak a bit to a suit maker by the name of Tech-Styles. I don't know if he's a member on here but I did speak to him about the SPD Green. That's the first one I plan to get, then I thinking maybe the Blue Lightspeed after that. I am on quite of a budget here. I JUST NOW started saving for my first suit and can't wait to get the rest of the money. I want the best for my money, and because it's gonna be my first suit I want to be really happy with it.

Who should I get the helmet from? I hear someone named Aniki in Indonesia can make helmets 1:1-scale to the show but he doesn't use plexiglass and they DON'T light up. Sushiya's helmets look pretty accurate too but I don't know if his are 1:1 but he can make his helmets light up and they can use plexiglass. I have this idea of getting Aniki to make the helmet and then have him send to Sushiya for him to add the lights and plexiglass! It might or might not work though. It's just a thought.

In Operation Overdrive I can tell the shoulder pads are thicker and puffier than the ones made for Boukenger. As far as the logos go, for some reason, the gray and black outlines are thicker as well. In RPM, I can see that on Green and Black, the V-like chest belts are thicker and more "closed in" while the ones on Go-Onger are more opened and are thinner.

When you watch the action scenes of PR, you can tell whether the battle footage is new footage Saban or Disney filmed themselves or recycled Sentai footage. I had a thing for the studio-made suits by Disney or Saban because as I was told, the Toei-made costumes aren't that stretchy and won't stretch to accomodate the wearer's body. The Disney/Saban suits will do that. PLUS the suits made for the American version of the franchise look so much more prettier and the dullness and lack of shinyness makes them lookl even better. I learned in the behind-the-scenes special of Operation Overdrive that Disney uses 2-way stretch spandex for their suits. I wonder what spandex Toei and Saban use. I've Googled around. Nothing. I don't know if I REALLY want my Disney suits to be 2-way spandex, I just like for my spandex suits to be thick, durable, heavyweight, and non-shiny and dull.

So with all that beings said, I've been itching for a high-quality suit since like 2007 and it's pretty much 2011 and I'm still without one! GGGRRRRRRRR! Must... buy... a Power Ranger costume!!!

I really want to go to a Power Morphicon Convention but I lack money and a suit to go! I really hope there's a third one.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

01-03-2011, 09:34 AM
Helmets: private owners that have them or Eric0101 he makes them too
Suits: aniki, sushiya, private owners, or the chinese shops online that sell sentai suits