View Full Version : Trigun Radioplay

10-19-2002, 05:41 PM
I thought I share with many of you out there the radioplay I am producing, episode 24 of Trigun. I decided to do this because it is my favorite episode of the series, and well... I'm hoping many of you will like it as well. Simply click here (http://bubblewrap.topcities.com/) and listen to the "trailer" to it. The actual episode won't be mixed for quite some time, cause everything is on my other computer, which I had to leave behind with my parents before I moved. ~.~;... and I know the voice for Vash can be a bit -loud- at times, and Chapels' voice is a little too soft, but those are fixed for the actual episode 'release'...so just tell me your opinions overall ^_^;...

Later Days