View Full Version : Don't Let Zac Effron Be In The Dn Movie

01-05-2011, 04:45 AM
Is any one pissed off about this? They are putting zac effron in the american live action death note movie. Okay, perhaps you want there to be a dn movie...even so, we need zac annihilated From the cast, and get a less known actor to be light.
-please, SIGN THE PETITION!!!!!!!!!!!

01-09-2011, 03:41 PM
I agree that I'm not happy with the fact that Zach Effron will be Light; but I don't think there's much we can do.

I'm more curious to see who they would make L. ^^"

01-15-2011, 09:09 PM

*L screech*

I am going to shoot somebody >.>

Okay, not really. But this upsets me. They'll probably end up making L Joe Jonas and Mello Sterling Night!

01-18-2011, 09:43 AM
Wh-what? Not Zac Effron! Never! *throws self off cliff*

01-18-2011, 07:38 PM
...This has been a rumor for 3 years now. Nothing new here, move on folks.