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01-05-2011, 07:38 PM
Hey everyone, well over the past new years break I passed along to the idea to Kira and Sheik the possibility of starting an alliance for all foreign cosplayers in Japan. So here in the official recruiting thread!

The Alliance needs some officers so this recruitment will be for founding officer members!

The purpose of the alliance is to unify cosplayers around the world and to also provide information to Japanese cosplayers about foreign cosplay events and likewise, give foreigners information on Japanese and world cosplay events. Basically a big conglomerate of cosplay activities that we can share with everyone. I am hoping that with some help we can also translate the pages into Japanese so that more people here at home can enjoy it too =)

I am still working out the details here but so far here are some rules I think we should follow:

[I]1) That you love cosplay of course and that YOU ARE A COSPLAYER. (we do need a photographer so I will exempt anyone with photography skills from this stipulation if you want to join. I will also consider people with crucial skills)

2) That you desire to cosplay with other nationalities.

3) that you are willing to review events and give your opinion of them in small articles

4)willing to submit some photos of said events hopefully with a review or small article about the event.

5) Willing to give information about future events that or you can write informational articles about it so others can know of it.

You can be any nationality and come from any part of the world, this alliance is open to all! I would also like to start a blog with event information and cosplay rules here in Japan that is bilingual since no one seems to know this section of cosplay.com exists....(kira I would like your assistance on this) I would like the blog to have reviews for events we go to, updates, funny photos, ect.

Hopefully we can get other cosplayer from around the world to share their experiences with us too.

If this goes through and I get enough people interested (ideally I would like to have atleast 4 or 5 members and maybe some alternates since a few of us are returning to the homeland for a while...)

WE NEED A LOGO!!!!Can anyone think of a good logo?

If I can pull this all together we will do some sort of promotion at comiket. I am not sure what yet...but something!

For yourself: I would like all members to go by their cosplayer names and we should each make a custom profile for ourselves and also what your function is within the alliance. Since this is fashioned off a military-esque group we should have rankings of some sort.

EXAMPLE PROFILE: (you can make up everything if you are uncomfortable sharing personal info about yourself)

Name: Celeste
Age: 27
Birthday: 9/9/1983
Height: 165 cm
Position: Material Replications officer
Favorite food: Ice cream and chocolate...oh wait does that count as food?
Favorite Manga: Le Chevalier Deon
Favorite Anime: Vampire Hunter D
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy 7
Favorite Color: Purple

About me: I have been sewing costume for and involved in Cosplay for 8 years. I love a good challenge and will stop at nothing to achieve my goals. Sometimes i get accused of being over tenacious but that`s because no one can see exactly whats going on in my head!
I love spending time with my husband and playing with my two pet cats and brainstorming ideas for new projects....and fantasizing about white haired bishonen guys *caugh, sephiroth, cough*

With that all being said, post if you are interested or if you have any ideas!

I know its a bit clusterf**kish right now but I will try to organize it all later.

01-05-2011, 07:54 PM
Name: kiratsukai
Age: "16 forever"
Birthday: 6/5
Height: adjustable
Position: Intelligence Officer
Favorite food: KRAFT dinner, okonomiyaki
Favorite Manga: Nabari no Ou, Kekkaishi
Favorite Anime: I'm too busy playing video games to watch anime.
Favorite Video Game: Project DIVA, Touhou Project, Megami Tensei series
Favorite Color: Teal
Other: has a Taisho School Uniform fetish

About me: I cosplay because it's fun. I like making friends, the "matsuri" atmosphere of conventions and learning to do new things... but mostly I like After Parties involving hamburgers as big as my head.

Like dis?

Also. I think capping (at least uniformed) membership at 5 or 6 is wise. Less sewing, easier to meet up at common events and much easier to communicate.

It's also good to be aware that groups isolate as much as they unite. If we're too aggressive about our "unity", we may find ourselves attracting ~only~ "fans" and not "friends". I think the more casual and laid-back (perhaps even tongue-in-cheek), the better.]

With the exception of you, Celeste... I think a lot of us get the attention we do precisely because we are obviously "different" from the crowd, not because we're good enough to set us apart from the pack. If anything, we're still earning our place IN the pack :P Might be hard, at least for sheik and I, to get away with putting on an original character and hoping to be recognized for it, at least at this stage in the game. I do think it's a fun idea, but we should make our usual cosplay and activities the priority and the group an enjoyable experiment (ie. getting a table at Comiket and seeing what happens!).

That said, I'll ride with whatever you come up with ^^/

01-05-2011, 08:44 PM
Oh course the point is to have fun and make friends but at the same time I would like to make a statement, it doesnt have to be a bold one but enough so that people take us seriously. As for the uniforms, like I said it would be fun to do a group cosplay with the uniforms maybe 1 day out of comiket or TGS or whatever we happen to be going to and of course if we get a booth to wear the uniforms at the booth. Like I said, anyone is welcome to join but officer positions will be limited to those who serve a function for the group. Everyone is welcome to wear whatever cosplay they want outside of that =) and armbands are optional outside of the uniform, you can wear it if you like it and want people to know you are apart of the group or just hang it on your wall as a nice souvenier lol.

01-05-2011, 10:23 PM
Name: Ish
Age: ひみつー才
Birthday: 11/23
Height: 156 cm
Position: OL ?
Favorite food: okonomiyaki, kimchi
Favorite Manga: Pet Shop of Horrors (the first), Hetalia
Favorite Anime: Gintama, Hetalia
Favorite Video Game: ...dating sims...
Favorite Color: light green (kimidori), teal blue

About me: Likes long walks on the beach and plotting world domination.

Seriously though, I'm very high-tension and (overly-)enthusiastic. I'm not a huge fan of change however. I did one or two cosplays way back in high school, but got back into it a year ago with Kira. For me, cosplay is a fun activity to do with friends. I avoid stressing about most things, but I'm happy to help people out.

I'm happy to help out in any way.

01-06-2011, 01:08 AM
Kick ass! We have 3 official members now whoop!

And just to clarify, first and foremost the alliance is about building bridges AND providing information to cosplayers who wish to attend events in Japan and also for J cosplayers wishing to attend events in America/Europe/UK that being said, I am hoping we can also recruit representatives from other countries to share what cosplay in like in their home country for those of us interested in perhaps cosplaying overseas.

01-06-2011, 05:25 AM
We have another official member! (of course its eisuke, we need him and he doesnt have a choice mwa ha ha)

Name: Kay-san
age: take a wild guess =P
Height: 170 cm
Position: International Communications Officer
Favorite food: Anything and everything
Favorite Manga: Black Jack
Favorite Anime: Turn A gundam
Favorite Video game: Super Robot Wars
Favorite Color: Red

About me: People tell me that I am too much of a nice guy! I am never angry and always smiling. I can speak English fluently and lived in the USA for 4 years. I met my wife there too! I love to sleep for long periods of time, play on my I phone and spend time with my family. I can sleep 14 hours straight no problem! I got into cosplay because of my wife but I am happy to support the group.

01-06-2011, 05:56 AM
Assuming my cosplay is at a high enough level, I am in! At least as a member. Not sure about the promotions or uniform stuff. I guess it would depend on what exactly that would entail.

Name: Mixaka
Age: 20s
Birthday: 6/12
Height: 170 cm
Position: ummm...cheerleader?
Favorite food: Melon pan, dim sum, spicy stuff
Favorite Manga: Death Note, Gantz, Wallflower, Ooku
Favorite Anime: More of a J-drama person
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy, Guitar Hero, DDR
Favorite Color: Purple

About me: I have been cosplaying on and off for the past 7 years. I love dress up in general. Costumes, formal wear, lolita, gothic, whatever. I kind of stopped watching most anime and reading most manga a few years back but am happy to pick up a series if a certain outfit catches my interest. I am very much into J-pop and cosplay occasionally at concerts. I am almost always game for joining group projects as long as there is a costume I am interested in doing because I find group cosplay to be more satisfying than doing a solo costume.

01-06-2011, 07:31 AM
This is an awesome idea although my skills are Extremely limited in the costuming area, although my previous environment didn't help much either. Haven't cosplayed in a while so I kind of miss it, but I've never been able to make anything so I just commissioned my stuff.

I really want a reason to get out and communicate more because I feel like a hikikomori. I don't think I'd be too good as founding member. The last group I was in I was the designated 'scribe' but bad communication made it kind of hard to maintain.

I don't really know what the definition of a mid or high level cosplayer is, and i don't know about my skill set but I really looking forward to seeing this grow.

Name: Widget
age: 23
Height: 183 cm
Position: Zombie Minion?
Favorite food: still learning the foods
Favorite Manga: Air Gear
Favorite Anime: Too many >.<
Favorite Video game: Can't pick just one either
Favorite Color: Orange

About me: uhh... I'm quiet (and kind of slow >.< ) and just looking to not be bored in Japan. Probably trying to learn too many things at once but I do enjoy snowboarding. I've cosplayed a couple times and have been really missing doing it. I have used a sewing machine but never to actually make anything, just sewed patches on stuff mostly. I am kind of interested in learning how to make a costume, but I would probably ruin it.

01-06-2011, 08:39 PM
Thanks Widget (may i call you this for short?) I will add your profile to our folder and when I get more details on this project I will contact you again.

Do we have any representatives from the UK our Europe out there???????

thanks Mixaka too! I will also add your profile to our folder. =)

Okay I got our official blog up!

Its still very new so if you have any suggestions pass them this way.

01-07-2011, 06:35 AM
Its still very new so if you have any suggestions pass them this way.

A slight criticism... but I dislike the tone of the introduction a bit.

I would avoid making mention of any attempt to "prove ourselves" or playing into level games... In my experience the belief that westerners are "low level" compared to the Japanese is one of 4chan trolls, not one I've ever heard echoed in the community itself.

On a local scale, Angela and I are some of the highest level cosplayers in the community (a younger cosplay community) and we've never been treated as though anyone thought any differently. My own Japanese friends have expressed quite the opposite belief: that Westerners are, on the whole, higher level cosplayers than Japanese. I think it's a case of the grass being greener on the other side. Any mention of trying to refute beliefs that Westerners are lower level than Japanese only encourages people to eye us all more critically and it makes us look as though we're competing with people we haven't even met. It makes us sound a bit hostile, or in the very least defensive to the community that we're tying to be a closer part of.

I'm not competing with anyone... and I'm not interested in appearing to be competing with anyone ^^;;;

I don't want to invite comparisons. I'd like to avoid them altogether.

01-07-2011, 09:49 AM
Duelly noted, will remove.

and i won't lie, for me its as much about competition as it is making friends. But for the alliance, I want to to be more service oriented so I will try to keep my own personal feeling out of it. But cosplay for me, if there was no chance of me getting photos in my costumes I honestly would not even bother with cosplay because its sort of a validation for me for people to want my photos and join my fan club and yadda yadda,

dont get me wrong, i dont hold other people to my standards, so long as people are enjoying themselves its all cool but i want to stand out and do my best and look good doing it so I am pretty hard on myself.

back on track though, do you all mind if I do some interviews of you and maybe write a few articles about your cosplay experiences for the blog? Dont worry, the questions wont be too personal.

01-07-2011, 07:54 PM
No worries. I get where you're coming from :P Just want to avoid the impression that that's where all the members are coming from.

And yeah, will go along with whatever :)

01-09-2011, 03:45 AM
two new articles up in the blog, more to come. I am going to post this information in other countries forums as well and see if you can get some other cosplayers to join in and share cosplay from their countries.

also I will be contacting everyone privatly to conduct interviews (not for job positions) but for cosplayer articles to put in the blog. Cheers.

01-09-2011, 08:38 AM
can i join ? im a regular at Malaysia' events

Name: Gixxer
Age: 25
Birthday: 18 Nov 85
Height: err .. i dont know
Position: err .. suggest me one ..
Favorite food: Grilled Salmon and Strawberry Parfait .. wait . is parfait consider food ? LOL
Favorite Manga: I dont read manga
Favorite Anime: Zero No Tsukaima and any anime that has Rie Kugimiya
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy 10 and Halo 3/ Reach
Favorite Color: Yellow

About me: Im the founder for 901st Infantry group for costumers / military based cosplay in Malaysia and also one of the ppl in charge for one of the biggest cosplay group in Malaysia. Was featured in various media in Malaysia including CosplayGen #2 .

About my cosplay, well im not really good at cosplay and i prefer military or western cosplay ... i wont look the part for anime characters .. my armor is made by myself and i took 3 months to get it done . i have 5 armors done but Master Chief MKVI is by far my best work ever.

01-09-2011, 08:39 AM
Hello Nice to meet everyone~ I have kindly been accepted as an International Officer for UK!

01-09-2011, 09:03 AM
Yes Gixxer I want you in this too! Thanks so much for applying! I will add you to the blog site =)

Yay we have two from UK and one from Malaysia! Whoot!

01-09-2011, 09:11 AM
Yay !

01-13-2011, 11:54 PM
okay everyones profiles are up on the blog!

I am going to start translating some articles into Japanese next week and then let my j friends know this is going on. So we can start spreading the word.

Gixxer, can I link your website to the blog?

01-14-2011, 03:20 AM
Gixxer, can I link your website to the blog?

sure .. i will put United Cosplayer Alliance in my blogroll as well ..

01-17-2011, 02:08 PM
Oh, I wrote in the other thread (http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=229694) some days ago but didn't get a reply... and now I stumbled across this thread!

I don't know if I'm "good enough" for this since I've not been to so many different cons yet but... uh, here goes~

Name: Veri (well, that's my internet nickname)
Age: 17
Birthday: 12.03.1993
Height: 167,5 cm
Position: Wat?
Favorite food: Kaeng Keow Wan Kai <-- A green curry thai chicken soup (spelling?)
Favorite Manga: Vagabond, InuYasha, Bamboo Blade, Bleach etc
Favorite Anime: I haven't watched so much anime, I prefer reading manga. But the first Pokémon season is nostalgic. XD
Favorite Video Game: Tales of Symphonia, Ōkami, Super Mario World, Mario Party 4, Pokémon game series and Dynasty- and Samurai Warriors game series
Favorite Color: Blue, white, black and bloodred

About me: I'm a tomboy from Finland who started cosplaying somewhere around November 2009. I was born in Sweden and I speak both swedish and finnish fluently... and english of course. My japanese is really poor (I can only say things like "itadakimasu", "konnichiwa", "oyasumi nasai", "domo arigato gozaimashite" and other greetings, excuse me for eventual spelling error!) although I'd love to learn to speak the language and visit Japan... just like my big brother.
I'm a kendoka too (and that means I of course can count to 10 in Japanese + I know "kendo words". lol) and I'm in love with traditional Japanese clothes and culture and I have a really big interest for the samurais. ^^ (that shows when looking at what cosplays I chose to do! XD)
Oh, and some random info is that I have something for white-haired bishies... *drools*


if you need more info just ask... and sorry for the rambling. :crylaugh:

01-18-2011, 12:14 AM
Hi blood sword, thanks for replying to the thread, I`d love to have your input for the blog!

may i put a photo of you on our blog as well as your profile?

01-18-2011, 01:57 AM
Well, yes of course. Just go ahead and do it! :)

01-21-2011, 07:25 AM
Count me in, too! As I said to CelestialShadow, I think it´s a great idea and I can help with information about south america (especially Brazil).

This is my profile:

Name: Fernando C. Siqueira
Age: 30
Birthday: 18/02/1980
Height: 180 cm
Position: International Affairs Officer (South America)
Favorite food: Feijoada
Favorite Manga: Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Favorite Anime: Macross
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy 6
Favorite Color: Blue

About me: I am an engineer working in a telecom company and doing a master. I have 10 years doing cosplay. I am from Brazil and love anime, manga and games. I also work for Yamato Communications as coordinator of the Yamato Cosplay Cup International Championship.

01-22-2011, 12:07 AM
Hi Ferio! Got your email, so sorry it took so long to reply, i had an issue with my PM mail box.....I will add your profile tonight!

01-26-2011, 11:45 PM
this sounds super cool! I really love connecting with cosplayers from all around. its fascination how much etiquette and outlook on the same hobby varies so much depending on where you're from.
I'm probably younger that what you're looking for, but I'll give it a shot.

Name: Ninjagal6/ or really I'm trying to transition to Meishi now
Age: 15
Birthday: 6/6/1995
Height: 178 cm
Position: I'm kind of a Jill of all trades so whatever you need done.
Favorite food: pop tarts and peanut butter
Favorite Manga: DOLLS
Favorite Anime: Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha
Favorite Video Game: Sengoku Basara 3 & Blazblue
Favorite Color: green & Lavander

About me: while I may be young, dont let that fool you. I'be been cosplaying for about 3 years and I adore every part of the cosplay creation process. I love to travel and meet all kinds of different people. one of my dreams is to either participate or view the WCS competition, solely because I would love to talk to all the other teams and find out what cosplay is like in their country.

01-31-2011, 11:07 PM
I'd like to join! here's my information and I'm in Japan as well, just in the Aomori prefecture area.

Name: xTrishax
Age: 21
Birthday: 10 Dec 1989
Height: 5'1?
Position: (^.^)?
Favorite food: Gyudon
Favorite Manga: Peach Girl, DN ANgel, Bleach
Favorite Anime: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Gintama, Fate/Stay Night, Kuroshitsuji
Favorite Video Game: Togainu no Chi, Lamento Beyond the Void, Sweet Pool, Legend of Zelda series
Favorite Color: Green

About me: I got into cosplay after I've seen some beautiful cosplay photos from one of my idols. I saw how fun it can be to dress up one of your favorite anime/game/manga/movie characters. So I've decided to start out small. I do not have any sewing skills, so all I've done is commission them from talented artists. The one cosplay I've done that was my dream cosplay was Princess Zelda. I've been into cosplay since 2004. Now I'm currently in the US Military stationed in Japan. And I'm still an on/off cosplayer on some spare time I've got :)

02-02-2011, 06:55 AM
Hello Ninjagal and xtrishax,

thanks for joining! I will add your profiles to my conglomerate for future use. If you can, anytime you attend a cospay event in your area or home country please write a small article about it (review or blog) so I can add it to our page =)

02-05-2011, 11:22 PM
Name: Masonkun
Age: 22
Birthday: test tube baby no age
Height: 166
Position: Uniform inspection officer
Favorite food: Okinomiyaki
Favorite Manga:Ghost in the Shell
Favorite Anime: Tenchi muyo
Favorite Video Game:Bayonetta
Favorite Color: Midori

About me: I just got into this scene about 3 years ago and have purchased every costume I`ve used. Im not really that good at sewing but I love to cosplay none the less. I hope to do a Tenchi cosplay at some point as well.

I think this idea is awsome and I would love to do a booth at comiket. I could draw something :)

02-09-2011, 12:10 PM
I would like to join your Alliance. I am a cosplayer from america moving to Yokosuka in two months.

Name: Michael
Age: 23
Birthday: 26June1987
Height: 6'1
Position: Medical Professional, Jack of all Trades
Favorite food: All Kinds
Favorite Manga: I actually do not have one due to not having a lot of reading time
Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, Desert Punk, DaiRanger, Kakuranger, Dekaranger, Boukenger
Favorite Video Game: Star Ocean The Second Story, Tales of Vesperia, Final Fantasy VIII
Favorite Color: Blue

About me: I am a cosplayer in which i have been cosplaying for about 10+ years, I am an Anesthesia Technician in the Military in which my work is bringing me to Japan for two years. I love doing cosplays that are really tough or ones you really dont see to much of. I would offer what ever it is of me to do, i am also a dancer and versatile in many styles of dance so i could also be of service in that area too.....

03-16-2011, 06:56 AM
Name: Jason
Age: 30
Height: 181-ish cm
Position: Offical dumb blond!
Favorite food: Bulgolgi, Beef Curry!
Favorite Manga: Tsubasa
Favorite Anime: Haruhi Suzumiya, Macross Zero
Favorite Video Game: Resident Evil
Favorite Color: Red / Black

About me: I love music and play bass guitar. I grew up working in haunted houses and have been doing horror make for a long time. I do good at making props. Can't sew to save my life tho... I enjoy taking random objects that have nothing to do with each other and making them work together.

06-21-2011, 07:28 AM
Sorry but I must ask... is this project still active?